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Onward with the install!

Moving along now, let's get started with the actual install! It's not too bad at all. You may drink your first guinness now.

Step 1: Unscrew your shift knob, and then pop the whole shift boot/shift surround panel off as one piece

Step 2: Remove both of the philips screws at the base of the radio panel

Step 3: pop the base of the radio panel out, and gently run your fingers on the inside edge until the panel pops out. There are 5 or 6 clips holding it in place, if you have to use excessive force, you're probably at a bad angle.

Step 4: pop the harnesses off the back of the radio panel, there are four harnesses total on my base model. Hazard light switch, passenger airbag light, HVAC control, and 12v port

Step 5: Use your panel puller tool, to gently pry the base of the LCD panel surround upward until it pops out, then run your fingers along the inner edge to pop the other clips out

Step 6: Once the front part of the LCD bezel is off, the top half easily pops out, again with 4 or 5 clips holding it in place. You can also now remove the four screws holding the LCD screen in place, and remove the harness from the back of the screen. You should also cut off the two plastic clips ( they look like big zip ties ) that hold the LCD screen harness cable in place. The harness won't reach the new location unless you cut those clips off. Then, route the harness down the gap on the left side of the radio, to the new location beneath the climate control.

It should look like this once all that stuff is out of the way

Step 7: Remove the two screws that secure the storage and 12v port to the radio bezel. Use a flat head screwdriver to pop the 12v port out of the storage cup, and plug the 12v port back into the harness in your dashboard. Remove the mounting bracket from the OEM LCD screen, and attach the mounting bracket that came with the Tybe B screen locator kit. Line up the new screen relocator bezel in the hole where the storage cup used to be, then mount the LCD screen with the new bracket onto the back of the radio panel, using the same mounting holes that the storage cup used

Step 7: The first scary part! The cutting! Take a dremel with cutting wheels, and cut from the bottom of the lower mounting screws where the OEM LCD panel used to be, cut forward from there to the edge of the dashboard, and cut along the inner edge all the way around to the same spot on the other side.

Right side is cut, left side not cut, i'm making my way over from right to left. The plastic cuts very easily with a cutting wheel

Then take the sanding wheel and grind down the dash lip a little bit all around, and generally clean up the area the cutting wheel passed through. Shave off any excess plastic you see that is non essential, and might get in the way of the bottom of the tablet behind the dash lip.

I cut off at least this much material

More sanding..

Even more sanding...

Cutting complete! ( actually not, i ended up sanding the lip down a little bit more later on as you'll see )

Step 8: Run your USB cable, and your Kensington ground loop isolator cable through the gap on the right side of the radio behind the dash, there's lots of space there. Then you'll need to route the audio cable to the left of the shifter, pop up the little panel under your ebrake, route the shifter through the center console , then pop up the false floor at the base of your armrest storage bin, and pull the audio cable up through there. I was able to do this by hand, without any special tools, but a coat hangar could make things easier. In my case I also have a Diode Dynamics acrylic piece at the base of my storage bin, so I drilled a hole through that to route my audio cable. My Kensington ground loop isolator cable wasn't long enough to make it all the way, so I used a female to male extension cable from monoprice

Kensington cable zip tied in place

Step 9: Once the cables are routed, you can plug the Powergen usb car charger into the 12v port, then zip tie that up somewhere behind the dash, out of the way, then reattach the harnesses behind the radio panel, and put the radio panel back in place, and replace the screws at the bottom of that panel.

Step 10: Reattach shifter surround, and put your shift knob back on

Step 11: Test fit the Type B bezel to make sure you cut enough material off for at least the top part to fit, at this stage you may still have minor clearance issues with the tablet, you'll correct that later. The Type B bezel is just laying in place in these pics, not clipped in yet. Please note that you need to remove the white metal clips from the old dash bezel, and use those clips on the type b bezel.

Step 12: The next scary part! Heat gun next to your tablet! First, spray paint your Necco24 bezel black, after making sure to note which way goes upward ( use the metal bezel as a guide ). Then run a ring of double sided tape all the way around the bezel of the tablet, making sure to keep the tape at least 1/8 of an inch away from the usable screen area. Line up the Necco24 bezel, and stick it into place. You may elect to use something like 3M industrial grade double sided tape here, but I was a little bit weary of using that stuff on the screen of my tablet, so I used regular double sided tape instead. You should install your matte finish screen protector before doing any of this of course. Matte finish is important, otherwise the glossy screen is unreadable in direct sunlight.

Next, fire up your heat gun, and try and point it as close to the base of each plastic mounting tab as possible, without the heat hitting the tablet dead on. Heat guns are usually very directional, so this seems scarier than it really is. Once the mounting tab begins to soften, gently fold it backward so it curves around the back of the tablet. One of the tabs is right above the power button, so try to fold that one back at an angle that leaves as much of the power button exposed as possible ( upper right one in this pic ). Once the mounting tab cools down, it becomes inflexible again, and holds the tablet in place extremely securely. I used double sided tape below them just so the hot plastic wouldn't damage the back of the nexus, i don't really think any tape is actually necessary for the rear. This sucker isn't moving anywhere.

Mounting bezel completed:

Step 13: Attach the right angle headphone adapter *first*, then screw the mounting bezel with tablet into the back of the type B bezel. Everything fits great! Special appearance by Jon's new HTC One, which he's very proud of lol

Step 14: Bring the Type B bezel assembly back to your car, attach the cables, and do a test fit

Almost perfect on the first try! I'm not happy with the small gap in the lower left though.. you know what that means...

...more sanding.. my favorite

Final test fitment- pretty much complete now!

Final step: Test everything- make sure your power management stuff works properly. Test your GPS reception. Test everything. Test audio, bluetooth, dash command, make sure it all works, and you're done!

Final product:


Guys.. this thing completely transforms how infotainment in a car should be. Just do it. Just do it NOW. This thing so hopelessly outclasses anything that any OEM infotainment system does, it's shocking how much better it is than BMW Idrive, or Audi MMS, etc. The sound quality is very good. Almost as good as direct input from my iPhone. It looks great, looks OEM stock. My only issues so far are that the bezel is kind of an exact fit for the screen size, and it can sometimes make pressing the lower buttons ( home/back/app list ) a bit hard to get to with my man sized fingers. Also hitting the notification bar can be a little bit tricky, nothing terrible, really minor complaints given how much functionality i've just added to the car. I'm going to try and find a solution to those minor issues anyway though, if there's an app that can resize the screen, that would solve all issues. Likewise, if there's an app that can move the home buttons to the left side, that would also solve most of the problems. Again, these issues are minor, and can be overcome by just using a different hand position.

I'll have a video demo later on! I love this setup! Again thanks to all the other guys from the other threads, your input and knowledge really made this an easy job!

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