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Cool Ask a Geek ~~><No Troll Zone><~~

We are going to try something new to try to cut down on the some of the more common question threads that get created. If you have a question, we have answers or at least we know where to find answers. My fellow moderators will be moving threads that have common theme into this thread to be answered. All senior members are invited and encouraged to help out when you see something new posted to this thread.

Rules of the thread:

NO TROLLING! This is not a conversation or a thread to a debate. Ask your question (one question per entry, please) and I or someone else will answer that question.

If your question is about modifying your car, please take the time to review this thread before asking your question: The Ultimate Genesis Coupe Newbie Guide to Modding << MUST READ!

If you want to know what color to paint your wheels, ask your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, co-workers. If you ask it here the answer is always RED!

If you choose to answer a question on this thread (either by answering the question directly or by posting a link to a relevant thread) keep it simple!

Your questions do not have to be limited to the Genesis Coupe. You may also ask questions related to the forum itself, posting, or rules.

Did I mention NO TROLLING? Keep insults, sarcasm, and cynicism out of this thread. If you get caught, you will be warned and your post will be deleted. There will be no second warning. Keep it civil.

If you see a new thread created in another section that belongs here, report the thread so that a moderator can move it.

The same question may be asked more than once in this thread. Please don't tell the member to search. Just answer the question or leave it alone.

If your question is one that would be better in another section, we will recommend that you go ahead and start a thread to get answers from the community.

Lastly, I would ask any vendors who want to participate in this thread not to offer to sell a solution. We have a number of really great vendors who support us and I don't want a vendor war going on here.

Let's see if we can make our community a little more new member friendly.

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