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Just adding a post in case someone clicks on this thread-

Originally Posted by CrookedH View Post
Really not trying to be rude, but as others said, search.

Even if you don't use the search function, looking through "General Discussion" for just 2 minutes will show at least 5 threads with almost the exact same title.

MODS: Please, for the love of all members sanity, sticky some of the threads below:

2.0T and 3.8
2.0T VS 3.8 - Pros & Cons
Lambda vs Theta
2.0 or 3.8??
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Seeking advice!!! 2.0 Track vs. 3.8 GT
2.0T VS 3.8 - Pros & Cons
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what if i could get the 3.8 base same as 2.0t base which should i get
shoul i get the 2.0T or 3.8 v6??
2.0T or V-6
2.0T or 3.8?
3.8 or 2.0T?
gas milage between 2.0 and 3.8
2.0 Premium Manual vs 3.8 Automatic Base
3.8 or 2.0T?
2.0T Auto and 3.8L Auto
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2.0L turbo gt (track pack with brembo) or 3.8L V6 gt (track pack with brembo)
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2.0T Track? or 3.8 Track?
BAse 3.8 vs 2.0 premium? which one would you choose?
which one??
Newbie thoughts: 2.0T vs V6 which is better?

Please Please Please sticky something about this topic. Please?

Edit: Added some more links. I'm going to try and find the rest of them...
Edit 2: Wow, a bit worse then I thought it would be, and I'm only to November of 09....
Edit 3: Seriously?
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