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Originally Posted by whatever210 View Post
I agree. as a mod on 2 other forums. its would be a courtesy to pm the OP so they know why their thread wasn't approved. I know they saw my FS thread because they deleted the original once I asked them too. it was on the same day. so why couldn't the mod take 30 seconds and pm and give me a quick reason it needs to be approved instead of pming a mod and always bugging snoopy everytime. yes you volunteer your time but if your complaining about how much ppl complain then your in the wrong department. that's your job. that would be like me owning a gas station and complaining when people show up to get gas. if you hate it that much maybe you should resign.

and no mods aren't paid. its the owner of the website that sees all the money. hes the one getting paid and it still took him 6 months to -1 years to put a build thread section in.
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