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Just FYI, there have been massive complaints about the Mishimoto radiator ranging from poor cooling ability to constant coolant leaks.

Also, I will state, the slim fan shroud will not guarantee cooler temperatures. If there is air, poor mix ratio (over 50% coolant), ECU settings for when the fans come on or it's just a garbage core, no amount of air flow will help it.

- Verify your mix ratio (tester is about $17).
- Make sure your system is properly bled, Hyundai recommends three fan cycles at idle to ensure there is no air left or trapped in the heater core.

Aside from getting a device like a CMD or Haltech or buying a new tune, there isn't much to anything you can do about when the fan cycles. If you want ultimate control, switch to a semi-manual setup like Red has.

I use a CSF radiator and my fan shroud and I've got coolant temps around 176* cruising, peaking around 190'ish around town. The shroud itself is primarily for allowing you to bolt on whatever fans you want and giving you more engine room. Depending on which fans you use, this can result in more air flow when the fans are on (typically low speed, with the wind or in the twisties). But if your coolant temps are higher than normal and you're driving down the highway at 60mph, that's not the shroud or fans (OE or aftermarket), that's the radiator or the coolant state.
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