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Snoopy, thanks for your reply. I know I do not have any leaks visually and the system is bled even though I do not have a coolant tank (I just use a water bottle for now and it is always half way full). Besides, usually when I bleed a system - I turn the heat on while the fan goes through its cycles to make sure there is no air trapped out in the back. The hose at the power steering has been disconnected until fluid started coming out of it. Having that said, I don't think it is air pockets though.

Here's what I've noticed yesterday: I went out to tune my MBC and after a few WOTs I pulled on to some parking lot to give the MBC a few more turns and decided to stare at my fan while I had my hood open. I also had the phone in my hands with Torque running and I was just watching the temps. So, at idle the fan came on when the temperature got up to 203*. It didn't take but 30-40 seconds for the temperature to go back to ~190*. I basically stayed there and watched this process 3 times. It did not go above 203*.

I truly hope that my core isn't that shi**y... I am just tired if messing with it. To be honest, if I could return it - I would and put the stock one back on, but unfortunately this isn't the case anymore since I had to trim the shroud brackets off and then cut some more so my IC pipes would go through.

I wonder how Mishimoto's warranty works. It says it is lifetime. So far, the car hasn't overheated with 50/50 mixture but in case if it will - I am definitely sending it to them.


On the side note: it is funny seeing people in other threads whether if they do a review or a step by step install or w/e and none of them report whether if they noticed any difference in cooling - makes me think they just throw parts on just because they can. I have not seen one thread where at least one person mentioned anything about the hole that is left after the OEM intercooler removal (unless they leave it in there of course).
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