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Originally Posted by bemedicine View Post
Couple questions I'm mechanically inclined on dirtbikes not so much cars would this be easy for me to do I've only done an oil change previously lol also what's the torque on the bolts 7lbs? A local shop said they'd do it for $120 should I just save my money and DIY?
I was pretty unsure of doing this by myself but I went ahead and did it 2 weeks ago and it was no problem at all! Knowing what I know now, I would never ever recommend anyone to pay $120 to have someone do this for you(Unless you are really, really, really bad with your hands). Just make sure your car is secure on the jackstands before starting to work underneath it.

If you've had the pleasure of jacking your car-up atleast once already this should be no problem as long as you know where to locate the front jack point(it is hidden by a plastic shield and I had to remove to locate it the first time).

Before doing this I recommend you get all the proper gaskets from your local hyundai parts shop in case you plan on flushing(the gaskets can be reused but if you want a proper seal get it in case).

In short, this was a pretty easy job. Just make sure you have the following:
  • Sockets listed above.
  • Torque wrench if you want exact tightening measure
  • Jack
  • Jackstands
  • Fluid Pump(local auto store will have this)
  • Oil drain pan
  • New Gaskets from your local dealer
  • Your new tranny + diff fluid (Be sure to get double the quantity if you plan on doing a flush)
  • (anything else I may have forgot?)

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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