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Originally Posted by VicHGenCoupe View Post
Hey Snoopy,

I really appreciate both your build threads and you explanations of the parts that you use and how you use them. I do have a question about bout the "Port & Polished" intake manifold from Grimmspeed. I have the opportunity to acquire an unused manifold from a friend, however after speaking with another buddy I'm now confused at to whether it's worth it.

It was brought to my attention that even though the stock manifold is not properly balanced, that the stock tuning and timing allocates for that imbalance (well partially anyway). I guess my question is, will the stock tuning run a greater risk on the balanced intake manifold, by leaning out cylinders 2 and 3 because they are now allowing more air into the system?

Am I looking at this all wrong?
Grimmspeed does not longer offer services for GenCoupe as i remember. In case yours is not already done. The other choice now is MAPerformance, which seem like more deep upgrade, but more expensive. In fact they cut manifolds open to port/polish better.

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