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Originally Posted by Red Raspberry View Post
Are they doing Lap3 tuning?
Not sure what OBD2 device they are using.But they do sell a OBD2 system that you use to DATA log a series of of runs that makes a file that is E-mailed to them and then they Send you a correct MAP file that you input through the same OBD2 device and you are tuned.Many top race teams are doing real time real world tuning because it accounts for all physical parameters acting on your car .The price of the your second tune is I think $250.00 .I'm not sure what the cost of the system is but for a person wanting to do many mods or have a Gen Coupe club It could save MUCHO $$$$$$ as no DYNO FEE and travel time is needed .Give them a call,it the closest thing you could get to self tuning with having 1 of the top tuners in the USA at your call.

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