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Spark plug type and GAP from .028-.040 doesnt matter at idle the car will run with go cart spark plugs as long as they are the correct size and length. HPFP? Its a 2.0 he doesnt have one. Fuel octane 87-110 doesnt matter at idle the car will run. CAT/O2 sensor fuel trims dont matter at idle the car will still run.

None of these things will cause his issue. Now if it idles fine but when he gets into boost it starts acting up then sure, any nember of these things could cause the issue. But the car runs fine as soon as the stock ecu is put back in.

Michael has the right idea.... Using the KISS method (keep it simple stupid, aka Occams Razor) I say your BTR ecu either has the wrong injectors in map or its flat out bad(leaning toward just flat out bad since you're blowing fuses). My best friends first SFR ecu had this exact same problem and it was rectified by SFR sending him a new ecu. Red is correct about them being hot swappable. I have swapped out my ecu without disconnecting the battery 30+ times, either for taking the car for service or letting someone use my ecu to see the differece the tune makes and ive never once blown a fuse on either my car or someone elses.

Originally Posted by hollysheepsht View Post
They said the same exact thing for my unique situation I had with their product that they never had had this problem happen ever. They would not offer a refund or even check the product out for me. I offered to send it to them and they said no need because they are sure it wasn't their product.
If they did actually offer you a refund then be the Lucky one and take it. At least your car runs normal with the stock ecu.
But you can also keep troubleshooting and hopefully you get it running.
Thats some total BS right there. I would be livid if I paid that kinda money and they wouldnt even let me send it back to them to check it out. Definitly would NEVER get my business again. At least Jay did it right. He said the same thing that he didnt think it was his ecu but he would check it out. Come to find out it was the ecu and he sent my buddy a new one free of charge. OUTSTANDING customer service from Jay and SFR.

XXX Motorsports DynoJet says...
Stock 228whp 269wtq.
Now 269whp 322wtq

Special thanks to SFR for turning the genesis from meh to OMG. BTW if you have a 2013 2.0t genesis and its not tuned, your car sucks. The worst part is that you dont even know it.

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