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Originally Posted by Sassmast3r View Post
I thought it might be a pulley of sorts. I don't think it's a pulley. The car has 19k miles on it, and I would have noticed it pre-turbo.

I started the car this morning and ran around and stuck my head near the noise. It is seems to be coming from the passenger front bumper area, right where the intake is.

I have the precision 6266JB turbo. I know these turbos have a different wheel design and made out of a different material. Perhaps that is what is causing the noise?

Thanks for the advice.
Thats just what the noise sounds like.

Ok. I have the same. The turbo is silent. The whine is something else. I would venture to say its one of your turbo connections. Input or output. But my money is on input. When I say input I mean the exhaust gasses powering the turbo.
As you know the turbo connects on a small flanbge right where you speak of.

Going forward:
-You have the noise,could be an audible indicatior of a flange connection leak.
-Now keep watch, if you start seeing a blackish or grey spray pattern on the adjacent panels and engine near there.

If you find this you will have to dis assemble reset your flanges. (V-bands).

Tip. Use Ultra-copper/KW copper aerosol on your connections.

**You have just completedyour assembly and are starting your break in. Your input system is comprised entirely of V-bands. There WILL be some settling which will require to to re-seat them. Remember V-bands get there great seal from alignment, not gorilla torquing the clamps. Every V-band you re seat use the copper products. You will not have to redo them I promise.

Here we go again !

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