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With the masses moving to SUVs, big and small, and the manufacturers embracing the electricrification movement, itís hard to see any serious manufacturer $$ being spent to develop a new performance coupe for such a small market.

MINI is played out, the Civic Type R is hideous, overpriced, and now a sedan like the WRX, and the Big 3 are seeing ever smaller sales numbers from their pony cars. The Z looks avg as there has been no evolution of the existing platform. They probably could have saved it by updating it with a GTR-like nose, but theyíre too busy pushing us into Leafs.

Hyundai could still be a savior as I was told several years ago that a GT Coupe was destined for the Genesis brand. But if the G70 succeeds, as it appears it will, I donít think Hyundai will bother with a coupe. All of their N-brand $$ are being thrown the way of the Veloster, and soon, the Elantra, Iíve read.

That leaves us with very expensive models like the Supra, BMW M, 911 (pre-owned), Corvette, and some Mercs, which donít exactly inspire outside the AMG GT line.

Sad days ahead for this niche market.

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