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Originally Posted by Gaijinn View Post
I agree.^^^^ I'm gonna put like 80K on my motor the way she is, enjoy her as I've made her. Then I'm gonna pul the motor, Forge the low end, re-sleeve her, Timeserts, nutty head gaskets/studs,...............and push 32 psi.

** Gonna have level 10 lose the Torque converter, re build the AT, and like Strack, CF drive shaft,...oh and probably need a rear diff. But thats in the future.

Yeah and about 25K, parts
I have under 10,000 miles on my GC but in 2 more years I will be doing a twin screw blower build with forged rods,pistons,sleeve,prepped crank and valve train /heads with ARP stud and bolts,etc,etc .I will still keep the nitrous system .Body mods to include roll cage (non bolted) and reinforced sub frame and braced diff .Target will be a mild 550 to the wheel on the blower and 625 with Nitrous .The best part about the GC platform is there are many of these cars in the salvage yard so replacing parts or needing to get parts are of no problem .

Nightmare On Any Street.2014 3.8 R-spec- Best 1/4 mile 11.57 ET @ 118.7 MPH on Nitrous and supporting mods (Many).Featured in GCtuner's featured rides section under ''links''.Many changes since then, too many to list.
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