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Originally Posted by AKGC View Post
I was under the impression that dealers order automatics for inventory to mark up costs. What I mean is a customer is more likely to buy a car that is already on the lot, than ordering one.
Well honestly when selling anything a customer will pay a premium to get what he wants. Also A few years ago a manual car was significantly cheaper than its automatic twin, but these days the price difference between manual/auto is negligible when you are looking at the MSRP or even the invoice of the vehicle. In fact I remember manual sports cars being more expensive than their counterparts. And an everyday base model of a vehicle with a manual transmission is maybe 200-300 cheaper than the automatic version. I think this is mainly why dealers do not stock them. Because nobody would buy one if the automatic is the same price. What I'm saying is there are customers who come in looking for a manual and are willing to put a down payment to order one, but the of course the sales manager wants a deal TODAY. So they push the buyer to get an auto instead. We'd have to come up with excuses like oh there are no manuals in the entire state, we've looked through our system. Oh we've found a manual, but its in that color that you said you hated. Etc etc.

Also it's been like a year since I've worked at a dealership and the past year I was in that business I had flipped through like 3 dealers so things are a bit fuzzy.

But I would like to say, I don't think it's entirely dealers fault that the manual is dying. They are accelerating the process and are definitely are not helping. However, the manual started to die a long time ago. With technologies like the CVT transmission, Dual Clutch Transmissions. The only reason to get a manual these days is for novelty and fun factor. Especially since those CVTs are so efficient.
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