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I'm getting Michelin Pilot Super sports installed Wednesday with some new, wider wheels. There are quite a few recommendations across the forum but I went with these ones. I decided on these for the better reviews in dry weather, but also the better reviews on wet traction (living in North Carolina we get a fair bit of rain and have a lot of clay in the state, moisture seems to stay for days).

Having had Firehawk Indy 500s for over 2 years I can tell you they are better than stock and I'd argue one of the best value/performance options out there. Their tread wear isn't too bad and they are best on dry, moderate to hot days. Definitely need to warm up a tad between 40-50s, but otherwise fine mid 60's and up. Come summer time they are great.

As for their rain performance, they are 'okay'. Tirerack has some spot on numbers and rain is not this tires specialty. While 'fun' and terrifying at the same time, I had these on while doing Charity laps at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) last year and on the downward roller coaster I was sliding a bit (several factors there, but tires were not helping).

Model: 2013 2.0T Premium | SFR Stage 1.5

Piping: Injen SRI | Forge BoV
Exhaust:ISR Catback | CP-e downpipe w/cat
Differential: Quaife LSD
Transmission: Stage 2 clutch w/ SMF | Meganracing Trans mount
Suspension: BC racing coilovers
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