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A couple questions before a purchase

I've gone back and forth for awhile deciding whether to get the 2.0 or the 3.8. My current car is a v6 and I didn't want to step down to a 4 cylinder, but I do want the turbo. I missed out on a 2014 2.0 rspec and now unfortunately the only vehicle I can find that is the color I want, which is grey, that is an Rspec and is a manual is unfortunately a 2013. My questions are:
1) I know that the foglights can be added and wired in. Can they be set up like a stock 2014+? Meaning if you were to get in the car and didn't know is was a 2013 can it be installed on the same switch as the 2014+? Not sure if I'm explaining that right.
2) Anyone in the market for rspec red seats? I may be getting rid of them in favor of the newer rspec or black heated seats.
3) Is it worth me dropping the 2013 transmission in favor of the 2014 with the carbon coated synchros?
4) Is it possible to add the stock navigation system or will I need to go aftermarket?
5)To those with 2.0 is it possible to upgrade the exhaust without it being obnoxiously loud? I had to shout to the passenger when at highway speeds when I had an upgraded catback on my last car. I want to upgrade this car and jump right to a stage II tune, but since that mean the whole exhaust has to be upgraded I don't want to have to shout to the passenger or deal with drone. I want to mod the car but I don't want to get to the point where it takes that fun out of daily driving.
Thanks for all help

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