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If money is no object then the pilot super sports are the best street tire I’ve ever used. Grip in the dry, grip in the wet, grip in the heat, grip in the cold. Now I do live in Florida so take the “cold” with a grain of salt. Cold here is like high 30s low 40s. On top of that they lasted a solid 40-50k miles. But they were expensive. I think I paid $1200 for the set on my 2.0. But I’ve had them on most of my cars since then.

I recently purchased a set of Barum tires for a bmw 335i I was flipping. They were stupid cheap like $400 for the set. I typically drive my flip cars for a few months before I sell them to make sure I have all the bugs worked out of them and I have to say I was very impressed with their performance. I would say they were 80% as good as the PSS but for 1/3 the price.

XXX Motorsports DynoJet says...
Stock 228whp 269wtq.
Now 269whp 322wtq

Special thanks to SFR for turning the genesis from meh to OMG. BTW if you have a 2013 2.0t genesis and its not tuned, your car sucks. The worst part is that you dont even know it.
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