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Originally Posted by AKGC View Post
1. They can be added. ebay has listings for a retrofit kit using mobis parts (OEM manufacturer for hyundai/kia's plastic parts.
You'll have to wire it but replaces the left steering wheel stock.
2. If shipping wasn't so d*nm much to where I'm at....
3. IIRC 2013 and 2014 use the same transmission, I could be wrong.
4. Yes..... if change out the whole body wiring harness, roof fin (gps antenna) and computers with it (body control module, security module, and ecu have to match or be reprogrammed because of how the immobilizer system works)
5. It's really the muffler you choose. Engine noise is louder in the car, than you would expect outside the car (stock exhaust).
Thank you for all the info. As far as all the kits available out there, when it comes to the actual foglights themselves are they are the same with the same lighting? So I'm assuming nobody has retrofitted the stock navigation system as that is a ton to switch over. If I'm choosing the mufflers then should I just go custom then?
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