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Originally Posted by Hurdler5280 View Post
I'd like to get at least 300whp but I don't want the car to be annoying to drive.
You sir want an Audi S4, not a GC .... honestly, the way I see it, you're barking up the wrong tree with your laundry list of must haves & must nots. Nothing wrong with being picky and getting the car you want, I just think you're looking at a bigger & more involved build than you're willing to take on and make concessions on.

If you *must* have a GC, and are fine with 300whp, your best bet is a 3.8 and do some basic Intake/Header/Exhaust/Custom Tune work, rock close to 300whp all day long and give up on having a turbo. The 3.8 makes excellent & reliable power once tuned properly and meets your criteria for a non-droney exhaust if you buy a nice one (ark grip v2 in mine is great)

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