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Originally Posted by TKJode View Post
You sir want an Audi S4, not a GC .... honestly, the way I see it, you're barking up the wrong tree with your laundry list of must haves & must nots. Nothing wrong with being picky and getting the car you want, I just think you're looking at a bigger & more involved build than you're willing to take on and make concessions on.

If you *must* have a GC, and are fine with 300whp, your best bet is a 3.8 and do some basic Intake/Header/Exhaust/Custom Tune work, rock close to 300whp all day long and give up on having a turbo. The 3.8 makes excellent & reliable power once tuned properly and meets your criteria for a non-droney exhaust if you buy a nice one (ark grip v2 in mine is great)
Oddly enough I'm looking at a used S4 as well. Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by bsbullie View Post
Not my cup of tea. Still nice car though.

Originally Posted by lvdukerider View Post
"I want to mod the car but I don't want to get to the point where it takes that fun out of daily driving".
This sounds like where I was (sort of), when I purchaced my 14, 3.8 ultimate auto new in 14. I originally was going to buy the 2.0 rspec, but wasn't enthused by the feel of the clutch and shifting. I dont race, just a bit of spirited street driving. I just went with a Sprint V3 throttle booster, Borla cat back, Bridgestone RE11 tires,front lip, rear splitter,wing badges, and all bulbs replaced with L.E.D.'s. No drone, nice throttle response, handling, and power without any annoying issues,smog, or state inspection problems, still makes a good daily driver if i want it to be. I also own two other cars which are turbo, 2010 Mazda CX7 and 2013 KIA Optima sxl, I like them all but the Genesis coupe is my favorite. Nothing wrong with modding your ride if thats what you enjoy, but theres nothing wrong with just getting somthing that has the main features your after and just adding some minor things to get it to your liking without going overboard and retaining the daily usability of your ride.
Good info man. Thanks for the post. I really don't want to have to deal with inspections but every two years where I have to swap out the 02 housing isn't terrible. Upon looking at more videos of turbo back exhausts honestly the Exceladyne isn't loud at all and sounds great. Turbo xs isn't bad either. A lot of the other ones are unnecessarily loud like the ISR and not a great sound imo. Its dissapointing that it won't have a sunroof or navigation but I can live with that. I could get the premium and and the lsd, seats and brembos but not sure if I want to do that either.
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