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Originally Posted by Hurdler5280 View Post
Lol I wasn't sure if this was all sarcasm or not. My previous car was a tiburon and I've been a member of their forum for 14 years. I don't have the time to do a lot of searching like I used to with my job and family but I will make sure to do some searching on the vendors though. Just hoping the really knowledgeable guys give the quick easy answers to some questions that will take a long time for me to search out 100% correct answers that aren't outdated as some of the threads are.
Lol, It got salty in here in my absence!

So, no, not sarcasm, just fair warning from the link you posted.

So, if you want a 300ish hp car that's not a whole bunch of trouble I'd say you're ok with a mostly stock BK2 3.8. Sounds good, nice inside, and with some chassis and suspension mods that won't fry state inspections, you have a pretty fun(if a bit portly) whip. Plenty of exhausts, can squeeze a bit more out of the V6 with a tune, keep the tires reasonable and you can get decent mileage... What's not to love?

BTW, B6-B7 S4s are a whole lotta fun. But they aren't canyon carvers, and they aren't nice at the gas pump. Also, their maint. tends to be a wallet serial killer. B8 is a nice car, but it's kinda gone soft at that point.

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