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Hello All! Recently bought a used 2015 R Spec. Has just under 100,000 miles. The engine just recently started making a ticking/grinding/metallic noise. I took it to my mechanic 2 times and they could not figure out what it is. No computer codes and car seems to drive ok though I feel like it is slightly under powered. Not really kicking like usual between 3 and 5000 rpms like when I bought it. It is worse when it is hot and thicker oil plus seafoam did seem to make noise disapate. Mechanic said his guess is carbon build up but just a guess. O have attached a video with noise and again comes and goes. Any ideas ??

I have taken it to 2 mechanics now. Still no computer readings indicating issues. Checked timing and that was fine. Changed spark plugs, oil, oil filter and no change. Noise getting slowly and subtly worse. Car is extremely underpowered. Did a seafoam treatment. Seemed to help for a little but went away.

Both mechanics say noise is coming from engine, pistons or cylinders. Will have to be taken completely apart to diagnose. Any last suggestions?? Can you even get a 2015 3.8 v6 engine if the other is junked ??

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