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Conversation Between brasewel and jdgdunn
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  1. jdgdunn
    01-23-2014 - permalink
    Hey Brasewel, I had no idea you ever responded until now. I ended up getting a 2010 3.8. I still would like to know about your headlights and how much is costs. By the way importshark is awesome, what do you recommend as far as an air filter? Thanks.
  2. brasewel
    08-01-2013 - permalink
    Hey, thanks man. Congrats on the new car. I have a 11 3.8 Rspec as well.
    I got the hood from . If you're interested I can get you in touch with the right person. All the work done on the headlights was custom done. I had to buy the led strip, halos from outside and install. The housing was painted black. I can get you in touch with the right person if you're interested in that as well. Let me know man
  3. jdgdunn
    08-01-2013 - permalink
    The hood and headlights really make the car look amazing. I am getting an 11 3.8 R-spec in a couple weeks, can you tell me where you got the hood and headlights? Thanks man. -Josh
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