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  • nonotech ·
    Hi, I have been trying to post some intake gaskets for sale and I continue to see other people posting things but mine is not posting and I don't even receive an email saying anything, I would like to know if Im doing it wrong or if it just doesn't go through. Thanks
    MeThatsWho ·
    Hey, I am not sure what happened here but I double posted in same post in same thread. Can you please delete one. Thanks
    yul_vc ·
    Just got a 2013 coupe, just wondering if it was best to take the wheel off to plasti dip or leave it on and if I were to paint the deeper part of the rim as well or just the face of the rim. Please! trying to do it tomorrow and I would like to be better prepared. thank you =]
    Skittle ·
    Hi, I would like to know what the rules are for starting a group buy for carbon fiber parts from Seibon. Please PM me I would like to get this started if possible.

    Thank you
    wmsky33 ·
    Hi. Didn't really want to bother you personally, but did want to make sure an admin or moderator saw this question.

    I was just in another thread that got derailed by search preaching. I understand the need for informing new members about the need to search before posting. It is, in fact, rule #1, I believe. In this particular thread, I think it was unnecessary, but that's not my point. My question is, do you know if it's possible, using vBulletin, to somehow display a message asking them if they searched first, to any member with less than x number of posts whenever they try to start a new thread? I don't know anything really about vBulletin, but I did find this on their website. This, or something similar might work.

    Chad Dugan ·
    I posted 2 threads, one in the interior section, and one in the exterior, the exterior thread hasn't showed up in a week?
    fasttallguy ·
    would appreciate it if you could reply to my question as to why my new threads for advertising some items I want to sell are not being posted in the classified section. I submitted posting over 2 weeks ago and have tried to contact admin and no response at all from anyone??
    tripjakz4 ·
    why arent my posts to classifieds showing up in threads? why are they not being approved? I have submitted same thread several times with no success!!
    Crps13 ·
    Im tired of all the vendors not posting prices in their for sale threads and telling people to pm them. It takes days for every vendor I have pm'd to answer back. Just like the private classifieds they should have to post pictures of the specific product and a price for said product. They are not some super secret prices that need to be hidden for no reason.
    SPAM 1 ·
    I would like to have my user name changed from Sam Norris to SPAM 1. I just signed up for a lifetime membership, but I would prefer my name not to be published. Is this something that you can change for me?
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