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  • Isaiah890 ·
    hey could you help me with the neutral safety switch bypass for a manual swap 2.0t i finished the swap but cant get the key out the car and it wont start checked everything got spark got compression and got fuel and i did some research and i believe its the switch but no one really shows how to fix it and i see you have a lot of knowledge about everything so i want to know if you could help me out please
    Jizobizo ·
    Hello Kind person (lol). I see you are rinning Dash Command. Are you running any specific PIDs for the MAP and MAF? I have been using it on my Old 3Series for years, just cant find the info for my Gennee.

    Thanks in advance!!
    ramona ·
    can i make a post about putting a AEM Cat-Back Exhaust for the 2013 R-spec 2.0T, I just want to make sure it will work for the 2013? Didn't want to make a new post because I always get bitched at for making a repeat TOPIC. Is there already a topic on this subject?
    AKGC ·
    2 goes to wga
    3 goes to bov
    4a goes to turbo
    4b goes to 1
    5 goes to hard line going to the manifold
    MMMickey ·
    Hi AKGC!

    Mike here. I read your reply to a post concerning hose routing and was impressed by your knowledge. I was wondering if you could help me hook up my vacuum hoses?

    You see I was in the middle of a manifold install when my mechanic suddenly had to abandon my car for health reasons. Hopefully you can help me identify the lines and tell me what goes where. I've simplified it down to a 5 item, fill in the blanks questionnaire.

    Yes I did my best to search for a diagram here but with no success. Any help will be MUCH appreciated. :)
    Davkat ·
    I love my new 3.8 Track and so does my wife even though she has her own GC. If she wants to "get her shift on" then she drives mine. Her's is an automatic. I did have a 2010 tsukuba red grand touring; now that one is owned by a young Army guy out on Ft Rich.
    AKGC ·
    wow. didn't know this section even existed lol.

    Yup in anch. little green one running around
    Davkat ·
    There's more of us out here with GC's in Anchorage. My wife has a green 3.8 and I just traded in my camaro ss for a new Track version (Red).
    schlor ·
    Cool. I mOved to anchorage last year. Maybe sometime this spring or summer we could meet up and do a photoshoot or maybe you could help me with my build if it's cool with you.

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