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  • Snoopy0812 ·
    mirror fold 1
    mirror fold 2
    turn signal +
    turn signal -
    heated +
    heated -

    ^ those are the 6 I was talking about, but just clicked in my brain that you're also Canadian and have standard heated mirrors so you, like me, only have to run 4 wires.
    I mounted the relay behind my center console. Easy to get at and since I use that as my gauge center as well, I use my dedicated B+ line from my battery that feeds my wideband to run the mirrors as well, clean power and less fuse taps. Also there's like 8 good ground spots back there too.
    Snoopy0812 ·
    22 gauge is factory. The only wire that needs to be bigger than that is the ground strap off the relay. Reason you don't need heavy wire is because the power isn't constant so it doesn't heat it up. There is a kill switch in the mirror motor that cuts off the power when it reaches the desired position and lines it up for reverse current to go the other way. The motors only draw about 2.5 amps when they're running. The mirror heaters are set to run for 20 minutes if connected properly and Hyundai felt confident in that gauge of wire for the mirror draw and I can't complain, it's roughly 3.5amps per mirror at 14.4, not much power goes through it and I haven't had an issue in 4 winters on the stock wiring. If you'd like to feel more confident then use 20gauge but anything more than that and you'll be hard pressed to get all 6 wires up there.
    Snoopy0812 ·
    You can send PM's when you've got 10-15 posts iirc.
    The other side of the block is really simple, Pin 6 is V constant, Pin 5 is ground, Pin 8 is V switched and Pin 7 is ground. You can make a jumper and connect 5 to 7 and then ground 7 to chassis. I'll snap you a pic but it might be a bit.
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