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  • windsorgen ·
    Hi - trying to post my Genny for sale in the Ontario section, owned my Genesis since 2010 and it is modded - want to see if my ride can go to someone who can take care of it but the classified section in Canada - Ontario will not let me post.
    rubisteven64 ·
    Brandon87 Im going with ICS coilover N1 street sport and going to upgrade to Brembro Brakes . I dont want to have to use spacers dragging my car to the track let me know oif the set up below is good please

    rubisteven64 ·
    2013 2.0t Gen Coupe with 18" OEM
    I want to keep it simple with an aggressive look .
    This is my plan will I have a problem with these dimensions .
    Front :18x9.5+22- 245/40/18
    Rear:18x10.5+25 -275/35/18

    Please let me know what you think and if I will have problem .
    Im [email protected] Konig rims Avanti racing , they are affordable but I dont think they can accomodate me with the sizes I want . Suggestions please
    burks95 ·
    Hey Brandon1987 I have been trying to post a thread in the private classifieds-engine section for about a week now and still haven't got it approved. I posted the first one and gave it about a week, after it still hadn't shown up I tried another and still no luck. Can you please let me know what I need to do so I can get a thread started? Thanks for any help!
    fstasfq ·
    Hey what's up? I posted 2 for sales threads over 24 hours ago. How long before they are approved?

    Patriot ·
    quick question: I have items for sale in the classifieds that I need to have removed,I've sold 1 and not selling the other one, how do I get those removed?
    Patriot ·
    I have an item for sale under engine in the private classifieds,CNT Racing 3 inch O2 housing, and I have already received payment for the item. As this is the first time I've sold anything on here I do not know how to get the posting removed
    Thumbs ·
    I have sent 2 posts since Tuesday for an Exedy clutch in the for sale section, and neither of them have been approved (I posted the second because I thought the second didnt go through), yet other posts have been approved. Can we please look at approving the second of the two posts?
    Twentysixer ·
    Hi Brandon, I tried to post a classified ad to sell an axle back exhaust on Nov 1, and don't see it listed, can you check into this for me?
    adurm ·
    Hey, Brandon. I posted an amp for sale last week and I dont see it listed yet. Would you look into it. I just want to know if I did it correctly. thanks!
    fasttallguy ·
    hey brandon when can I expect to see my post regarding items for sale to be up on the classified board-would like to move these items soon? I posted it on the weekend
    Yellow Menace ·
    Can you please tell me if I can post my 2012 track sway bars for sale. It's been awhile but this is really hard to deal with. Before I could just post my part. I did everything that was asked of me. What is going on?
    hahitsken88 ·
    Hey there,

    I'm curious as to why I can't post new threads, is there a post quota or something in order to create new threads ?

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