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  • 2010Gen2.0t ·
    Hey saw you posted about seeing a gen in Nac, I am also in Nac with a Silver 2010 2.0t custom exhaust and work VS-XX wheels
    redrider54 ·
    hey could you please review and approve my other for sale thread. Its time sensitive and would like to offer someone a chance to possibly get a great deal tomorrow!
    Yellow Menace ·
    Meant to get back to you. Appreciate your candor. All I know is I modded my 88 Mustang GT with all the goodies and knew what I was getting into because there is so much history on the Stang as far as mods which are still relatively new on the Genny.
    nyangineer ·
    Hi CrookedH,

    I stumbled upon your posts on the genesis forums with the clutch noises with attached youtube videos and I have this same issue. The thread however did not end with any solution, did you get it fixed in the end? I am having a slew of other problems as well in which the dealership hasn't found anything wrong.

    Thanks for your time!


    reaj2008 ·
    Cool 2010 ! Paid cash for my 2013 ever planning on joining the 2013 group? It was Nice they made a section for the new car and the old ones.
    Yellow Menace ·
    Hey whats with the bad vibes? All I said was that you can't go in a magazine and buy serious mods for the v6. You got an attitude problem for a senior member. You let me know if after talking with RMR racing that buying a Brian Crower stroker kit with 9:1 compression pistons and then put on a big turbo will not be a problem for the ECU. I know my cars I put in over 30 grand in my 88GT so dont talk till you know who you are talking to.
    imagness ·
    Can you please help me out with the Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid installation for my gen Coupe. I tried following the instructions that came with the BCS but it seems like the wastegate is open completely when I start it up and no boost builds up.
    camilo ·
    Well i know there has been many threads about the 2.0t vs 3.8.
    I have read all of the threads everything for the past week
    I do like to mod cars i love it.But the question is how much would it cost to get a 2.0t to be as fast as a 3.8 0-60 which the 3.8 is 5.4? correct? and 2.0t is 6.7.
    by adding intake, exhaust,headers, tune to the 3.8 that puts me at around 300whp? right if i have read right, but how much faster does that make it? does it compete with 335is than? or close too.
    2.0t brings at like 210whp and getting that to 300whp or more with OUT VOIDING THE WARRENTY posible? ive heard other wise by reading.
    once having that kind of whp on the 2.0T does it beat a 300whp 3.8? or close,
    how easy is it to get the 6.7 0-60 down to low 5's? sorry im all about like 0-60. easyer to do than quarter. no drag strip near.

    so i know you have covered this MANY times
    but i just want to talk to you straight man to man, to get the answer straight.

    thank you.
    onmyride ·

    I am hahving some issues with my CMD. While datalogging, playing back the log file and following the instructions to the T, no cells are filled during playback in the histogram.

    After 4 failed attempts at getting readings, the CMD status light started flashing very quickly (faster than bootloader mode).

    If I put the CMD into bootloader mode and try the recovery, it works, but once the recovery is complete the status light continues flashing very fast and in the MCC the CMD is "not connected".

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, and any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Rspec2_0T ·
    I see your running a spec clutch/flywheel. How bad is the catter really, been reading about it. But I guess to get a real answer about how loud or not it is I would ask you. I plan to order my spec clutch/flywheel soon.
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