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  • Zinger113 ·
    Hello, I am interested in an estimate for pricing on something similar to I have a 2015 Genesis Coupe.

    The lights i'd be interested in would be completely blacked out housing/reflectors, dual 6000k bi-xenon HID projectors, and matching angel eyes x4. No switch back bulbs, just the small inner amber light for turn signals and depending on price for just a solid 6000k color angel eye vs a RGB angel eye, I would be fine going with the solid 6000k eye to save money.

    Can this done to the customer's existing headlights or would i need to pay for a new housing?

    If i can send my lights in to you guys, i saw on a bunch of the members talking about loaner headlights while their work is getting done. Are these loaners something you provide?

    bk7 ·
    Hey man, I happened to see that you knew how to rewire the DRL to always stay on. Would you mind passing on the wisdom? I'll be happy to compensate for your time. Thanks!
    -edit- Apparently I didn't search hard enough the first time around...just found the thread for the DIY.
    tturner615 ·
    Hey man, love your work. Currently in Afghanistan again and had my mom pick up my 13 rspec for me. Looking to get the headlights done, with angel eyes and HIDs, thinking black with white angel eyes and clear corner lens'... what the price shipped to TN, and the turn around time? Also any Military discounts? :p
    wunlove ·
    Do you sell hid kits for fogs? or should i just go with LEDs?
    ive got a pair of headlights you modded for another forum member with 6k hid's
    and id like the color to at least match

    Carioca ·
    Hey Chris,

    I am looking to buy the Black Switchback Angel Eye Tail Lights on your website, but first I would like to know if you have any pictures of them mounted on a GC, preferably white. I want to see them during the day / night, both lit and unlit. You think that's possible? Thanks a lot man.
    tekno2 ·
    2013 mods.....????
    Please !!!... Cut them in half and meek the reverse back up lights and flashing ( turn signals ) Led's..... The 2013 lights are so nice but still missing that!
    Ned to be all Led's!!!
    IrnPmp ·
    Love the lights, for you to do them do you have some in stock or do you need me to send mine to you.
    FlyRyde ·
    Hey everyone, I was under the gun big time on a few projects, including working with Hyundai USA directly, and with SEMA coming up I've been slammed BIG time. Anyway, my apologies, I'll get to all the PMs right now :)
    DSMirv ·
    hey man, seen your headlights, awesome job, how much do you charge for your services?any website i can go to? let me know man, thanks
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