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  • Jizobizo ·
    Deal if you can wait until the 7th. i just purchased new badges or i would get it now.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't the test pipe replace the cat? If so could it just attach to the cat until i replace?
    Gaijinn ·
    Yep, but just the downpipes,..someone bought my testpipes.

    I'll give them to you for 100.00. That way you can just buy some test pipes new. They are small and much cheaper.

    ***You don't have to buy ARK test pipes. All aftermarkets are made to the same spec for the 2013's.
    Jizobizo ·
    Are you talking about this??

    Genesis Coupe | Downpipe + Straight Test Pipe 2010-ON | 3.8L

    If so, how much are you looking for?
    Gaijinn ·
    Just fyi I have a set of ARK down pipes I removed, you can have cheap if interested. I removed them when I went turbo.

    They go from your oem CAT and headers to your second CAT and or test pipes.(If you remove your second CAT). It makes your car more throaty. I only used them for 4 months. They never were exposed to salt.
    Jizobizo ·
    I have a '13 3.8 M/T just under 30k, and I live in Greenwood/New Whiteland area. No questions at the moment, just wanted to know if needed lol. I am in no way a complete noob when working on a car, but far from an expert. :grin:

    I appreciate any future knowledge!
    Gaijinn ·
    np clubs, even though I know there are plenty here in Indy.

    Do you have a 2.0 T or a 3.8?

    Sure ask whatever you need.

    Where are you in Indy. I live in Franklin township.
    Jizobizo ·
    Hello, fellow indy hoosier!

    I wanted to reach out to and let you know i read through your turbo build and holy **** i want to get where you are :surprise: .

    I was wondering if you are in any clubs or something similar?

    My 13 gencoupe is the first vehicle that i want to start putting so real work into but dont want to start until i have a better idea of what my limits are. If you dont mind can i "bug" you with questions when they arise?

    Thanks for any info!!

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