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  • GeeRod ·
    Hi sir, I have scoured the web trying to find info to get my 2010 BK1 3.8 gen coupe ready for turbo and the forums say you are the obi-wan of these engines. I am looking for what is needed for a low engine build so that it makes power reliably with 500 whp/430-450 tq neighborhood (if possible). Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. My FB name is Gee Rod if you would communicate via a different method.

    Thank you!
    musicpimp ·
    Hey brother just passing through after getting some nostalgia on club4g just now. I'm glad to see you're doing well. Really puts a smile on my face! You can find me on (Owoka) to see what I've been up to. Cheers!
    Dan Deacon ·
    Hi. I'm actually not that far from you, a little northern near sacramento.

    I have a 2010 Hyundai Genesis coupe 3.8 MT that i'm trying to build up for nitrous shots at the drag or boost potentially. Currently i'm running a catback exhaust and a SRI with a tune. I also believe i'll have to upgrade the rear end of the car for the added horsepower and wear from the quarter mile.

    Let me know if your services are available. Thank you.
    ericRspec13 ·
    Hey man I have a 2013 genesis 3.8 and only recently started modding it. I plan on getting a turbo installed, but want to build the engine so I dont run into any problems with it, hopefully lol. Any info would help xD
    Throne ·
    Hey, I am interested in gaining a little insight on building a 3.8 (i know its not cheap) but I am for the moment wanting to keep it NA and if I do go forced I think I like the supercharger maybe procharger route. If you have FB my name is Zach DeLong Appleton WI and will have a pic of me in Extreme Customs hat and shirt my white gen is my ground if thats easier to talk on. Thank you.
    Antonio Casco 2 ·
    I have a Genesis coupe 3.6Gdi and I am searching some parts to mod my car, I saw that you post a forged pistons, where did you buy that? how about the connecting rod?
    Could you please help me?
    Macca91 ·
    Yeah I would love to see the pictures, you can send them to my email or post them on a build thread it's up you. [email protected] is my email, sorry I don't have enough posts yet to private message. Do you remember what the TB is stock size and then the overbore size? Thanks, again
    Macca91 ·
    Did grimmspeed do a good job on the inlet on the upper intake manifold as good as maxbore would do? And was it hard to take the lower intake manifold off?
    Macca91 ·
    Okay and one last thing haha, did you by any chance get your intake manifold plenum done by them too? Or should I send it to grimmspeed to get the intake manifold fully port and polished or just get the plenum done by max bore when they do my throttle body?
    Macca91 ·
    Hey thanks for the reply. I was just wondering should I go from 76.8mm to 79.8 or do a bore all the way to 81mm?
    Macca91 ·
    Hey, you have probably been asked a million questions regarding your throttle body bore but I am conseriding doing it with maxbore on my 2010 3.8 genesis. I was just wondering how many mm did they bore it and if I get it bored do I need to get a tune done right away or is it safe to drive with the bored throttle body and not blow up the engine without a tune?


    Unformal01 ·
    hey bud was reviewing your awesome post and ran across your header section which is funny because I decided to go all ark exhaust, including the ceramic headers. but you had mentioned in vague that you were having codes thrown that had to do with the o2 sensors and I was curious if you fixed this and if so how?

    also I was looking into the thermostat did you ever fix the codes thrown by it or do they just stay on? this all actually got me worried about changing some stuff on the car I can't find anything on google for it and I'm having trouble connecting to the site from anything other than my phone so I can't search to easily hopefully you don't mind me asking though.

    thanks again for all the help you've given man I seriously appreciate it, it sucks not being able to call shops and what not to ask when I can't find answers you guys are the next best thing.
    blackheart325 ·
    Hey Gencoupe13 Im here in vegas looking to join some meets. I heard from you from a friend of mine which owns a tan 2013 coupe.
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