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  • Ibnzmonkey ·
    They're not spiral flow. Although I did look into those when I was in the beginning stages of my exhaust. They are Jones Exhaust PN# JEX-ATT18S-8 from SummitRacing. The car sounds amazing with these mufflers. I haven't heard another Gen on the streets that sounds remotely as good as mine. I also like the combined XPipe/muffler combo but it's an awkward weight and quite frankly ill designed for its purpose.

    A) Put the X-pipe close to the secondaries. Remember, the farther away the X-pipe is away from the exhaust port, the slower the exhaust gas. Which carries little ability to scavenge properly. The closer the better.

    B) Tube style mufflers fit easier under the car than those oval ones.

    C) Measure 4 times, cut once. Do not use the X-pipe I used. It is WAY too wide to fit in the trans tunnel and required extensive modification. The Magnaflow fits much better PN# MPE-10791, also from SummitRacing.

    Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM anytime.
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