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  • crackerpete ·
    Hi Davis
    Thanks for the kind words... I like the new look of the diffuser..

    As you may remember, mine came with 4 hole drilled about 1 inch from the edge in the center of each segment. The shop used the double sided tape, 1 long piece went all the way across the trailing edge, and then they ran 4 strips down the center of each segment, perpindicular to the strip that went all the way across the trailing edge. If I haven't made that clear, let me know and I'll try to explain again.

    Another question you asked, concerning the foam gun. I have it set 'wide open' Maximum flow of soap.
    I have enought to cover the car by the time it runs out of the solution... again this is what the JUNKMAN recommended.

    I'll take some pictures and get them to you tomorrow.

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