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  • JBoyUTR ·
    Hey what's going on,
    So I live like 10 min from you guys and I usually go pick up parts from Raj and what not and I have about 6 months left here at my duty station in Korea. Unfortunately, I had to sell my gtx30 I picked up from you guys before I left the states.
    My wife bought me the BT-400 kit from BR and I was wondering if you can tune a 2013 with that kit and ID850 injectors? Thank you for any input
    Katastrophik ·
    Hey man saw that last year you were running some great black friday deals, and i was wondering if you will be doing something similar this year. Looking to pick up an intercooler for my 2013 genesis coupe 2.0t with a flange for the synapse bov. Appreciate any assistance you can provide me with
    vicente ·
    Just getting back to you on the intercooler price you gave me. excellent sir! i will get back to you before the end of this month
    EE_Stewy ·

    Could I get an estimate of the Stealthback Exhaust kit (racepipe + O2) shipped to 51106? For a 2013 base.

    Kvbeanz869 ·
    OK I send payment now, what would be the total price with discount? I will paypal the money, and just keep me updated on the back-ordered parts.

    Kvbeanz869 ·
    HI Jermaine,

    I'd like to order a few items, I was trying to order them online but the Paypal option was not coming up at Checkout, i'd like to use my PayPal Credit for the order, can you help me with this? Here are the parts I'd like to order for my 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T

    2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Catless Racepipe

    Blow Off Valve Type H-RFL

    Front Pipe 2013+ Gencoupe
    GC13-FP Available

    Also im pretty sure you give a discount for members?

    Let me know
    Bradley Francis ·
    Hey man, i got a question for ya. so i literally just registered for this site so i can talk to you! i saw a long time ago about the awesome deals that you had on exhaust. i have a 2011 2.0t gen coupe. Now I'm gonna be honest....right now i have an isis race exhaust on back order. it's been a month and a half and i still have no results. I have been looking at you guys and i was thinking about getting a refund and going with you guys! The question for you is, im looking at around the $500 range, so is there any deals that you guys have going on because im tired of waiting and im ready to get an exhaust on my baby!! thanks so much for taking time to read this.

    Phong_tran_93 ·
    hello i was wondering do you have a 2013+ genesis coupe 2.0 racepipe. whats the best deal you can do shipped to 77598.

    Raj Deshmukh quoted me for $185 shipped
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