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  • JLazz ·
    Hey nikko,

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of Mike but I understand you guys must get messages like crazy,
    Could I possibly get a quote for a RoadRuns grill in color matched Bathurst Black to 01001? I would be looking to add the custom logo as well. Also plan on buying 1 gloss black wing emblem for my trunk.
    Do you have both of these in stock in the US?

    JLazz ·
    I've been in contact with sales about purchasing a RoadRuns grill for the 2010 GC, painted and with a custome triangle. is it better to do this through you or the website when it comes to custom logos?
    Please PM.

    Thank you!
    erikd ·
    Hey, I saw your post on selling VIS carbon fiber parts. Could i get a quick quote on a VIS VIP diffuser sent to 36066? I'm also guessing there is a long back order for this product as well. About 3-4 weeks right?
    jbones ·
    hey nikko how much would it cost me to get a 2.0T carbon fiber engine cover included with the type d grill painted that you said would be 195 shipped?
    SoCalCoupe ·
    Hey Nikko

    Couple of questions...

    How much would it be for DRL to 92691?

    If you offer Fog Lights, how much would it be to same area code...?

    And how much would it be just plain...?

    Also, is it free shipping through the forum? Reason I'm asking is because I saw your post.


    sportsfanatic83 ·
    Hey man, I got your PM about those KDM HEADLIGHTS....I love those headlights bro! They look freaking amazing on your car. Have you had any leaks or issues with it at all? I was curious to know if they can be daytime running lights....I was waiting a while for a response on an estimate for those headlights on the thread so I actually sent an email to import sharks and got the order done already through another rep. I sent the payment via PayPal. I'm still waiting for a reply from a rep to see if they got the confirmation of the order yet.

    Sent from my iPhone
    Genesis_7 ·
    hi there, I saw you have the SPec-D headlights. I was about to purchase them. just wanted to see if you have had any issues since you have got them on yours and also if you have used HID on them or not? and if yes 35w or 55w hids and if the H1 HID fit or you had to make the hole any bigger? also if they came fully sealed or if you had to seal them yourself. and last where you bought yours from?. sorry for these stupid questions and I would really appreciate it you could let me know. thank you
    stewb ·
    Hey Nikko,

    I ordered a new emblem for importshark on the 14th of March, just wondering where it's at or if you had tracking info for me? It was an M&S Emblem and it was being mailed out to Las Vegas 89031 order should be under Stewart Brown

    Thanks man.

    - Stewb
    IKKL87 ·
    hey nikko, can you confirm that you received my payment yesterday for the group buy superlux tail lights please?
    FrankieB ·
    Hows it going guys. Ive been in contact with someone from importshark about a hannah front bumper. I was told that i could get it for as low as $600 since it is manufactured in queens and i live 20 min from there so i could pick it up..

    my car has been in the shop for almost a week now after an accident so i need this bumper ASAP. I'm looking to make the purchase and pick it up! i just need answers. i haven't gotten an answer back yet after i said i wanted to purchase it. 3 emails..1 Facebook message now this. So please respond asap as you guys probably know its not only stressful having the car in the shop but $$$ as well.

    [email protected]
    Juliannakoss ·
    Hello! I had a question regarding your guys' chrome genesis coupe emblem kit: I was wondering if those wings were just stickers or had legit screw holes to go into the grill/ bumper. All the emblems I look at are just adhesive and I would love actual screw holes so I know that they'll stay. Thanks so much!
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