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  • Gshow ·

    Noticed you're in Calgary as well. I'm compiling a list of mods to due ( hoping for ~300rwhp). I saw your forsale threads-bummed i missed them-and was wondering why you changed routes from st 3 to st 1 (Cost, not reliable, different build)?

    Do any of the Calgary members meet up anymore?
    Qshahryar. ·
    Hey man, did you ever end up getting the knock off ixion rear/front diffuser? I just got a genesis and really want to get some stuff to start making it look good
    Cpt.J.Hook ·
    Thank you very much for getting back so quick and so thoroughly! I had tried to pm this to you, but my activity is too low.

    Thank you again!

    Cpt.J.Hook ·

    Saw your headlight upgrade on the last gencoupe email, and couldn't help but also notice your wheels, I'm currently trying to decide on a set, if you don't mind me asking which set you went with?
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    -J. Hook
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