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  • Jizobizo ·
    Im in Greenwood about 15 miles south of Indianapolis. ewwwf thats a good hour and 45 from me lol. Gaijiin is down this way also. It good to see some hoosiers on this page lol.
    TheBuster ·
    Thanks so much Red! I haven't driven any other manual cars before so the genny is my first experience ever. I do know something is up when I shift and wait an entirety for the needle to go down. When I bought the car used, it had a tune on it already. But I think the po forgot to change the intake values so the throttle body completely closes after pedal release. I have a catch can installed too. Lets hope that it works!
    TheBuster ·
    Hi Red! I've been really mad with my 2010 genesis coupe. Just passed over the 1 year mark of ownership recently. I love the car, hate the rev hang. On several different topics and discussions, you showed people how to fix it. I tried what you said by capping some of the hoses under the hood. My rev hang is still there. Can you help me further with this? I'm not so sure now if I did the work like you. Here are some pictures for ease of reference. Thank you!


    Fidel ·
    thanks for info, next week i go to my tunner and i'll change boost pressure in ecu, or can I alone do it? how?
    Fidel ·
    i have a question,
    i also have gen coupe 2.0t AT 2012 and ... limp mode with code p2110 + p0605
    what did you do to remove this error? what is broken in engine?
    everything is stock + ecu tune 34KM, + intake K&N
    in torque intake pressure is 29-32psi when limp mode come.

    sorry for my english but i dont speak well.

    thx for info
    Slawek from Poland
    Young Hollywood ·
    Whats Up Red. Just saw you were from Illinois and were wondering if you were from my part of town. I see maybe 1-2 genesis's every 4 weeks. Central IL?
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