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  • gold18 ·

    I`m from Germany and i read that you have the TCU tune on your BK2 V6 AT is that right? How is the improvement? Do you get a higher speed in cause of the tune? Is it worth the money? BTR will come to us to Germany and i will take the Custom Tune of the ecu. Now i`m also interested in the tcu tune because i think with the ecu tune i will only get a bit of improvement but the transmission will avert a better one. What can you tell me and what would you recommend?

    Thank you very much.

    Nice greetings from Germany.
    Counselor ·
    Thanks for posting your grill delete process. I really like what you did and will attempt to try this on my recently purchased 13 Track (red). I was never a fan of the stock front end look. Is there anything you would have done differently now that you've had this for a while?

    balog_95 ·
    Hey, for the grill delete how did you do it?
    I'm buying the supplies right now but I'm a bit lost with how to attach it? Do I buy the edge trim and then just any 3M tape or the tape from there?
    If possible, a short explaination would be great, or if you did a DIY somewhere. I did see it on that thread but I'm not sure how the attachment of the mesh is. I dont see it in the picture. By that I mean, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to see..
    Gentrooper ·
    Do you have any more recent pictures of that new grill like the default picture? Because hands down that is the sexiest front end I've seen so far. M&S would be panicking if that was their competition
    Zalixar ·

    Was looking at your awesome car in the galley, and wondering which specific wings did you have? Am looking to buy one with Shoreline Blue and deciding which color wings to pair with it.

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