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  • Zaurith ·
    If you are selling it, I am interested in the shark fin on the black genesis that you are parting out. I don't know if this counts as an "electrical component" needed to run the car.
    Just let me know! thanks.
    JLazz ·
    hey there! do you still have your totalled gen? I'm looking for the vanity light holders that go above the sun visors. any help would be appreciated.
    Kfillhart ·
    Looking for the radiator core support and everything that goes along with it. I need basically every part from where the front of engine is forward, also engine cradle. Do you still have?
    Thank you,
    brokout99 ·
    or if you know of any where or anyone I can get them from let me know. My car lower section got flooded and man I am forced to swap the wiring out.... I have some corrosion on the connection pins and would like to change them out
    brokout99 ·
    I am looking for some parts for my genesis. I dont know the extreme of how much you are parting out. But im looning for the door wire harnesses or at least the connection sections of where the door wires connect to the kick panel inside of the car.
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