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  • azi90 ·
    just wanted to know if you drive a manual or automatic. need to know of btrcc tune upgrade purpose

    monky69c ·
    hello sketched,i have a question im installing a hks bov on 2013 genesis on stock ic pipe with flange. do you have a picture on how to set up the lines im a bit where the bov confused how to thanks.
    Hersh ·
    what's up man,i saw the pics you posted today man your car is easily the nicest 2nd generation gen coupe i've seen. I'm getting wheels soon and i was wondering what offset you have, i know the regular offset is 35mm, I wasn't my wheels to be flush and not poke out much, like yours look in the pics?, I really appreciate the help
    Frankp2491 ·
    First off I think you easily have my fav Gen, I love the stock aspect of it as well as how you were able to work with it and make that stock look fresh. Obviously you did a chrome delete throughout your whole car but I am wondering... Was it a satin wrap? or was it dip? Also the part I am most intrigued about is your tail lights. Besides deleting the chrome (which I am interested to know how you did that) did you do anything else because it looks like it is either slightly smoked or a tint film or something was done to them to make them look... better. Lol Thanks man awesome car!
    rafa9517535 ·
    hey, i have this exact car but the i'm interested on installing the rear spoiler, how much was it? what did the dealership say to you about it? where did you buy it?
    Geno ·
    Sorry my friend, I don't even own a camera. I'm a 71 yo kid who still likes fast and sporty cars. First thing I missed with my '13 GT was the hid headlight my '10 GT had. The standard long life bulbs seemed very dim and brown. I didn't feel safe driving at night. These rally bulbs are not hid but they are whiter and brighter than stock. I'm happy with them and would reccomend them. I put Phillips Chystal Vision Ultras, H1, high beam, in my 10 GT. They were a blue bulb and did not put out as much light as the stock bulb and did not look white. If you want more light, these will make you very happy and was the cheapest place I found. Geno
    Broadstreetbull ·
    here* sorry not her lol I don't want to sound all ghetto. Im going to start things out with getting a GReddy catback exhaust and a injen short ram intake and a synapse BOV. then from there its just going to be little stuff and trying to save up for a FMIC and some coilovers
    Broadstreetbull ·
    I went in to the dealer and told them exactly what i wanted and he wrote it all down took a 500$ deposit and said when they start coming back in on the lots they might have to trade other dealers to get the one that i want and that i might take a couple of weeks or a month or two. He said that he cant give me an exact date on when its going to be her so that just sucks.
    Broadstreetbull ·
    Hey one question, Did you order it online or go to the dealer and order your car? I went this past weekend and he just took a 500 dollar deposit and the info of the car i wanted to get and said when one comes in they might have to trade with other dealers to get that car there for me. Is that what you went threw?
    acemon ·
    Hi, I am a new member of gencoupe forum and very nooby about cars :( I have a question to ask u.. How is your 2.0T R-spec has LED lights installed and are they day time running? and what did u change ur car from stock? Thank you so much for reading my message!
    Broadstreetbull ·
    how worth it was the wait for you 2.0t? I have been doing a lot of research and been reading a lot of good about the car. Haven't been able to test drive one yet but I'm just going on my gut about the car. Looking to see what your personal opinion is about the car. Thanks
    [email protected] ·
    Yeah, I'm glad I got white, but I forgot that I wanted black because all the damn rock chips car get around here. I can't even get a touch up paint kit that matches but over all, I think the white car with black accents looks sweet!
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