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  • cetterjr ·
    hey snoopy0812, dude, ive been reading your knowledgeable and thorough answers for quite some time now, and i recently saw one about powder coating (i am not happy with the 2 colors available from GS since i am a 2011 interlagos yellow). Can you contact me at [email protected] so i can figure out a way to have a good 10 minute question session with you about 3.8 performance/mods? would really appreciate it.
    Genie ·
    Hey, I've got a transmission/shifter linkage question for you.

    IF the OEM shifter linkage bushings are worn out. Could it potentially cause a metallic vibration under load and under high rpm? also a slack in the shifter when engaging gears up or down? When the car is cold or sitting all night it shifts great, nice and tight. Once the car is fully warmed up or been driven for a long time. It gets sloppy and noisy. Could this be a result of the shifter bushings contracting from the heat causing the metal sleeve to chatter? An input would be greatly appreciated. Figure you know more about this then anyone.
    brokout99 ·
    Help Help Help.... I have a 2010 GC 2.0, push button start that suffered a flooding.. Yes, sadly.. I have since replaced all modules.. PDM1, Unit Assy-Smart Key, Unit Assy-TPMS, Unit Assy-BCM, Air Bag Module and the Yaw sensor. All of the modules were matched and replaced to exact part numbers. I have finally completed the installation of the parts. Upon powering up the car, I noticed the following; The blue light on the cluster does not light up even though power is going to it. The push start button powers up but the light on it is RED.. Upon pushing the button, the security key light on the cluster flashes... The car seems to be on a lockout limp mode phase. Can anyone point me in a direction to go next as I am lost.
    GenisisPrincess ·
    ebay seller turboedimportparts has several parts from a 2013 2.0 listed might be able to get some clutch components....eBay My World - turboedimportparts
    Alberta71RT ·
    Ok ,that makes more sense to me now,thought I was missing something. So I take it you didnt ground your turn signals to one of the mounting bolts then?
    Alberta71RT ·
    What gauge of wires did you use for your power mirror installation? I see jayp suggests 20-22 gauge but that seems quite small.
    Alberta71RT ·
    Thanks , your description is perfect. I dont think i will need a pic but i might have a couple more questions when I go to install.(just ordered the mirrors/relay today)
    Alberta71RT ·
    Hi Snoopy0812. I am not allowed to send private messages so i thought i would try here. Thankyou for your help about the DTDP/DPDT relay. I have a relay on order that looks like the ones you have a pic posted of (#201 in the "Importshark LED Side Mirrors (Heated/Power Folding) Installed (VIDEO)" thread. Is that how you wired the jumpers in that picture? Just trying to compare your actuall relay picture with jumpers to your wiring diagram. If the jumpers are in that position you woudnt happen to have a picture of how the other side of the relay blaock is wired do you? If its easier for you you can email it to me at [email protected]
    GC10_RMFT ·
    Oh ok, well if you could whenever this project gets up and running please make a thread so we can know what all is going on. Thanks man.
    GC10_RMFT ·

    Just wondering if you ever custom fabbed a skid plate for the Coupe? We got a few guys down in Alabama highly interested in one, and from hours of research no one has designed one that I have found.
    jnc2000 ·

    I did some research and really like the CC you worked on designing for the Coupe'. I'm currently DDing a Genesis R-spec sedan. With 35K now on the motor I'm noticing the inherent flaw of the DI motors.. (See thread)

    I was wondering if you had anything planned for the Sedan, or if I could procure one of your catch cans, modify it based on the particular constraints/requirements of the Genesis Sedan.

    I look forward to your response, and hopefully we can develop something for the sedan crew.. (esp as the TAU 5.0 ages and coupe guys start the engine swaps...)


    sosnowskigod ·
    Hey Snoopy, Just curious if you got your Unavi yet? have you figured out an easier way to get into windows? Are you able to do much with it? I am trying to get a mips version of hobdrive working but so far I have been unsuccessful in my trials. What else have you done?

    Thanks and take care.
    sosnowskigod ·
    Hey Snoopy, I just wanted to let you know that I figured out how to get into windows ce. For the Sonata X2

    1) on the main menu where you can choose Nav, radio, video etc.
    2) on the top left corner of the screen
    3) Double Tap
    4) then a window pops up with different options.
    5) Choose Window and you're in.

    I hope these steps work for you too.

    Now I am trying to run HOB Drive standalone but the hobd.exe does nothing when I click it, no error message, absolutely nothing. :dunno: I have contacted cail the hobd creator and talked with him a little he gave me some ideas but so far nothing that I have tried has worked for me. When you get your system can you please work with me to get this running too if you don't mind if you have time of course.

    Thank you so very much
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