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  • sosnowskigod ·
    Hi, I am having trouble getting into win ce on my Sonata unavi X2. My SD Card has the same file structure as yours does with just SDCARD\SpeedNavi/speednavi.exe. Would you please be able to explain to me how to get into the windows ce OS. i've tried a couple of things but with no luck I keep getting the error message cannot find the navigation software. Any help would be much appreciated. I have searched all over and the gencoupe forum is the best place to get all this information from. Would you be able to help me. Perhaps send me some links of programs you know work for sure. I am totally at a loss and cant figure out what I am doing wrong if anything at all. Perhaps Unavi firmware blocked access somehow? Is there a way to downgrade firmware?

    Thank you so very much for your time.

    grannybandit ·
    Nice, I am about to do a full system install minus the head unit. I just was looking for some advice as far as if I will need to have a sealed box or if free breathing will be good enough, and how to keep deck rattle to a very minimum. Can you please help?
    123noob ·
    Love the vids that you've been posting so far for the GC Snoopy! great contributions with no BS and not to mention your humbleness :). Thanks! I will definitely be going with Motorsport's gauge pods.
    Whats up snoopy? just wanted to know how you got all the trim pieces to be glossy did you get it like the 2011's do or did you do it yourself? thanks, AK
    roner ·
    hi im from puertorico and im trying to get that unavi that you mounted in the tutorial video with the same base how much does it cost.
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