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  1. 2014 2.0T Clutch and Shifting

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    There's actually a new trans mount coming out, might be out already, but it's in my opinion, better than Megan. Also, if you're not going coolerworx, you might as well just get the Torque Solutions bushing kits and call it a day, you have a 2014, so it has the corrected geometry and is...
  2. Engine Overhaul HELP!

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    My guess would be that an oil or coolant washer from the turbo or oil filter housing coincidentally popped off when the OP was removing the ladder frame. Else, there was a yellow metal washer dropped inside the engine at some point...
  3. Engine Overhaul HELP!

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    There are no bronze washers inside the block...
  4. 2014 Genesis Coupeville 2.0T Won't Rev

    General Discussion
    ECU = ECM = EMU ^ different acronyms for the same component, but the difference is really who uses it and country, so in some countries they're ECUs by OEs but EMUs by aftermarkets (ie Haltech/Motec). Even Hyundai doesn't keep it straight as in the books, sometimes it's called an ECU and...
  5. How-to: Upgrade to auto climate control

    Yes. The actual control of the motors, etc. is all done through CON-A, CON-B is additional sensors, comms, etc. for the auto climate, which is why its existence is only in the auto-hvac versions and the rest of the pins are identical.
  6. 3.8 Gdi sedan vs coupe engine

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    Different cams, intake system, and various other little things. The coupe does in fact make more power and it's illegal to falsely advertise HP numbers. However, that being said, drivetrain losses do add up, which is why the coupe doesn't make anywhere close to the advertised with either engine...
  7. Genesis coupe 3.8 2013 turbo?!?!?! Is it worth it?

    General Discussion
    Is Mobil 1 the cause? Unfortunately, it's heavily unknown since most of the guys when they fail, fail very spectacularly. I am personally of the opinion that it's a multi-facetted issue. 1) The 3.8 naturally runs hot at the bearings. 2) The vast majority of the failures occurred without an oil...
  8. Manual Transmission development thread

    @YellowTycho It was Hyundai themselves that told me they no longer train MT rebuilds. Hyundai Canada and Hyundai USA though are very different (we don't even get the same updates you guys do, or they take months to roll out) and my dealership only had one of the older guys (now gone) that had...
  9. What's the best exhaust for 2.0T in Canada for less than 1k?

    General Discussion
    Mine's a 3.8 version as well, it's just connected to a V8 instead though. A local to me has the 2.0 version and I really like it. It's what sold me on partnering up with them.
  10. What's the best exhaust for 2.0T in Canada for less than 1k?

    General Discussion
    Solo Performance and Ultimate Racing are manufactured in Canada. Both very good quality but serve different markets. Solo Performance has a very nice deep noise when on the throttle but is almost stock sounding on the highway and near idle. Ultimate Racing can get expensive the moment you want...
  11. ** heavy hitters thread! Top V6 and 2.0T Dynos on the forums

    General Discussion
    You shouldn't touch 2013 wastegate arms, that only applies to 2010 and even then, it raises low end torque at the expense of top end power. 2013 wastegates are specifically configured in the ECU, you tampering with that, is going to mess up that calibration.
  12. Existing build thread relocate requests

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    @StrangeLiform No idea why it would have been shunted, it wasn't done by me and that's my section on this forum. It's in the build section now.
  13. ** heavy hitters thread! Top V6 and 2.0T Dynos on the forums

    General Discussion
    Your AFRs are pretty lean, the car is probably pulling timing resulting in your lower than ideal HP. Dyno correction factors should be SAE, just FYI. They make it much more nominal. The squiggly line is caused by lots of different reasons, sometimes it's just pulses that get picked up...
  14. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    You must of misread "shifter" as "stiffer". I'm not doing any chassis stiffening, like you mentioned, it's a pretty stiff chassis as it is. Not in the slightest for the sway bars in the rear. Fronts are identical on the subframe but different on the ends. Rear is different on the subframe and...
  15. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    The car will also go back to being daily driven, just like my mid-spec 2.0 was.
  16. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    The goal is kind of all three. Parts that get made because of this, I'm making rigs or CAD files to reproduce them. I'm drafting new electrical diagrams. And trying to log the process so others could follow along. I started this mostly because someone said it was impossible and that I...
  17. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    I have partners (sponsors so to speak) that give me various levels of discounts or on occasion some parts but primarily this is all self-funded. I can't discuss the actual financials of the project because of agreements though. I can say, that if some random person wanted to do the same, it...
  18. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    Still building, filming and tinkering away. Chassis mods for the shifter are required. The rear sway bar doesn't bolt right up, I'm making adapters (sedan's sway bar is wider). Oil filter sandwich plate is being machined. Wiring is 80% done (every single wiring harness has been redone)...
  19. SP460 - A V8 Story

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    The 4.6's ECU is easier to tune, works fairly well with the existing 2010-12 GC's systems and is more readily available. I'm not a big fan of GDI (yet), I wouldn't have minded the extra displacement but it's all in the bore so it's not like it's something we can't do later. There are actually...
  20. Where to Port & Polish 2.0t Manifold?

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    KHAR and MAPerformance both port 2.0T manifolds. If you're looking for the best, that would be MAP though, at a higher price.
1-20 of 452 Results