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  1. Btr stage 3

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Its a fun kit. And contrary to many assumptions the kit requires a few custom pieces for it to work on a 2013-14 which we make and provide with the kit purchase. Also the ecu we provide you definitely can be retuned for custom tuning sessions as we always flash through the OBD port. There can...
  2. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    ID1000 will not work due to the OHM difference in the injectors. if you would like a bigger set of injectors but not go too crazy like we did with our build, we have modified oem injectors that will flow 1000cc available.
  3. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Our fuel setup is 100% custom, external dual pumps with surgetank setup so.. technically not a drop in upgrade kit for the fuel pumps. as for the injectors, the ID2000's definitely work but keep in mind due to the unusual high fuel pressure the 13's run they actually flow way more than the...
  4. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    We are a direct dealer for sabelt. Outstanding quality and one of the best names when it comes to pro racing.
  5. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Sorry for the lack of updates througout the build. we first intended to do a step by step of the build but given the short time frame we get to build these SEMA cars (and we had to build 2) we didn't get the luxury of doing a thorough coverage however here is a late update to the build...
  6. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    rear end rendering :)
  7. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Our goal on this build was to bring new products on to the market for the gen community. so right now, we are talking it over with a body kit company locally to bring this kit out to market after SEMA. We are even discussing making the necessary changes for the 10-12 models as well if possible...
  8. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Wheels are just a rendering, not the actual wheels going on the car :) It is custom Candy Red It is designed by the Rocket Bunny / Liberty Walk designer Kei Miura
  9. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    :) of course, but no real pics of the completed vehicle until AFTER SEMA~
  10. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Official press release was put out today by Hyundai USA Newsroom - Hyundai Motor America
  11. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Some interior situation pictures
  12. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Some updates of the progress The Engine is now out of the car and is at the machine shop getting a lot of work done. we have moved onto the interior while waiting for the Engine to come back
  13. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    no that setup is going into another Gencoupe we are building for SEMA :) That particular Coupe will be on display at the Toyo Treadpass
  14. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Here is some progress as we take the car apart for the build
  15. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Hyundai had originally suggested the 3.8 to us because the 2.0T was ending. we just thought there hasn't been a properly built 2.0T yet and its already on its last year and that it deserved a proper farewell with a solid build
  16. [BTR] Road to SEMA 2014 with Hyundai

    Blood Type Racing Inc. has done quite a few projects so far including pro race cars to daily driven street machines that pump out some fun amounts of power. This year we are stepping up the game yet again and have contracted with Hyundai USA to build a BTR Edition SEMA Hyundai Genesis Coupe for...
  17. [BTRcc] Sequence Genesis Coupe Rear Diffuser Add-on

    Currently out of stock
  18. [BTRcc] 2014 Tuning Event Schedules

    Blood Type Racing Inc.
    No actual date yet but Chicago event should be late september early october. we should have a date for you guys in a week or two
  19. BTRcc Stage 3 for 2013 2.0t Released

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    BTR GT3076R Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kit for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T MT (2013-2014) we are selling our R&D kit off the test car for a lower price!! if you've been waiting for a deep discount, get this like new kit!! we are just taking it off to do more R&D with the car :)
  20. It's Alive!'s 2013 GC3.8 GDiT Spins the Rollers!

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    For Meth, you can spray on top of the kit without any adjustments to the tune for safety measure. the AFR will level itself back out automatically to the target AFR on the 13+ 3.8GDi engines to our preset AFR's. so the engine will benefit from cooler intake charges as well as maintaining a...
1-20 of 449 Results