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  1. Anyone slapped an EFR turbo on yet?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    With the Vband kit for the 7064 the manifold pushes the turbo a little farther back into the engine bay so that it is not sitting directly over the motor mount and gives more room between the actual turbo and power steering pump. For the T4 manifold I am using the turbo is angled slightly to...
  2. Anyone slapped an EFR turbo on yet?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I am currently having a top mount T4 kit made to work with an EFR 8374 and one of my buddies is also doing a VBand top mount with a 7064. The company that we are using, as far as I am aware of, is planning on releasing everything as a bolt on turbo kit. Minus a tuning option, I will be tuning on...
  3. 2.0 2013 turbo upgrade PLEASE HELP

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Just to throw my feedback into the mix. I made 402whp on 91 w/ meth at 22psi using the BTR stage 3 kit with a 3076. I was on stock injector and stock fuel pump and I daily drove the car like that for about 17,000 miles with absolutely no problems.
  4. Fuel Rails or Fuel Rail kits (return style) any interest [2.0 or 3.8]

    I know four people who would be interested in something like this, including myself. Looking forward to see where this project goes. Keep us posted.
  5. For the BTR Stage 3 guys

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    The kit comes with everything you need to get up and running on a canned tune and puts down a relatively good amount of power. I think BTR says the canned tune is rated to 350whp or something along those lines. In all honesty though future upgrades are all dependent on what you want out of your...
  6. Btr vs sfr tq numbers

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    What are you talking about? Stage 2 numbers on the BTR site are a canned tune, full bolt-ons, and on 93 octane. You don't need meth for Stage 2.
  7. Which meth kit are you running?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I was tuned at 22 PSI but lately I have been adjusting the duty and gain on my EBC to see what I can get away with safely. My AFR's at 22 psi usually sit at 10.8-10.9 but I have bumped up to 24 psi and my AFR's moved slightly to 10.9-11.0, meth is definitely doing it's job. Probably wont be...
  8. Which meth kit are you running?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Devils Own makes a good kit but their customer service is lacking. Myself and 3 others bought their kit and tuned for it on our stage 3 kits. Out of the 4 of us only one controller has not had issues. On top of constant meth controller malfunctions their RMA process is a joke. Waiting over a...
  9. Level 10 Transmission Upgrade for 8-Speed A/T

    Josh stuck with the 3071 as the shift point did not change with the built transmission, I doubt BTR will advise using the 3076 even with the Level 10 trans. Also Josh is not using the TCU tune that came with the built Level 10 trans, there was no difference in shift point or any quicker shifts...
  10. Is this reliable?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I know this car and the owner, he helped set up a BTR custom tune event for us here in AZ. His car along with mine and 2 others all went stage 3 for the tune event. If I remember correctly after his custom tune he was sitting right around 380whp and before the custom tune he had been driving...
  11. synapse bov kit pipe diameter?

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Yes it is 2.5" piping for the synapse kit. Be forewarned reusing the factory 2.25" piece to go from the inter cooler to the new synapse piping is a pain in the ass to install and I would highly recommend buying a new 90 degree elbow that goes from 2.25" to 2.5"
  12. Running lean?

    Is the 14-15 AFR under WOT?
  13. What cleaner do you use for your cloth seats?

    Interior 2013 and up
    Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner, best stuff I have found.
  14. Exhaust without a tune question

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    Yes, you can run the racepipe and CBE without a CEL being thrown.
  15. Picture of endlinks?

    Suspension 2013 and up
    That's what I thought, the endlink on the drivers side installs similarly to what the picture you provided shows and I actually was referencing the pictures on that sight to try and find how to install the passenger's side endlink. If you look in the picture though it is using a reference image...
  16. Picture of endlinks?

    Suspension 2013 and up
    I was hoping someone who is still on stock suspension could post a picture of how the front endlinks are installed on both the front passenger and driver side. I've looked for diagrams, watched videos and everything I have seen only shows the 2013 driver side, I can not for the life of me find...
  17. Traded the GC for a '15 Mustang

    General Discussion
    There were a few on a local lot, thought about it but I don't know if I could stand driving a Mustang. The last model and the new 15's look remarkably good, in my opinion, and the thought has crossed my mind a few times but I love the Gen more so I'll be sticking with it for a while.
  18. throttle by wire

    General Discussion
    I am going to assume you aren't tuned. I had issues with rev hang and just overall the car felt very "electric" and unresponsive when I was driving it due to the stock throttle set up. After I got tuned I am much happier with how the throttle responds. Its a night and day difference over how...
  19. exhaust question

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    You could try stiffer exhaust hangers to stop it from moving around. Which heat shield your exhaust burnt through? You could try ceramic coating the pipes or pull it off and heat wrap it. I'm running the 3" TurboXS O2 and Racepipe, both ceramic coated and the O2 is heat wrapped, and I haven't...
  20. New design of F/L front grill

    Exterior 2013 and up
    Eh, why not, Ill take a PM and price on a carbon fiber version.
1-20 of 136 Results