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  1. Turbo Upgrade Advice

    2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    I am literally in the same boat here in GA. I have a tuning garage here called Evolved Tuning that does do some work on GEN coupes but they don't specialize in it like SFR or BTR but from what I have seen they do good work. I am also looking for any and all advice on motor work to get the BK1...
  2. New Members ***PLEASE READ***

    New Member Section
    Just a quick introduction. Hi Guys, owner of a 2010 3.8 gen coupe out of ATL. I have hovered and creeped these forums for years looking for advice and it has paid off. I love my genny and that's the reason I have made an account to find car meets, get advice and help while hopefully being able...
1-2 of 2 Results