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  1. Hyundai OEM Coolant / Antifreeze

    General Discussion
    i've been using Nissan's long life coolant since 2011, i used to change them once a year, cause i can get them from work, but now i change them every other year, since the genesis is no longer a DD, and i only got to put 3000ish km on it last year... also added water wetter this year, cause i...
  2. Coilover and sway bar problem

    General Discussion
    i think one of your solution is to get the PBM steering angle correction kit, that kit changed the mounting of the swaybar links from the strut body to the lower control arm
  3. Ask a Geek ~~><No Troll Zone><~~

    New Member Section
    got some questions about oil coolers engine was running a little hot on the last lapping day, so i started looking into getting a oil cooler setup for the 2.0T initially i planned to piece together my own kit using the oil cooler, and oil filter relocation kit i got new for my 240 back then(but...
  4. Weighted Shift knobs

    General Discussion
    i had the same question a while back, since i was tinkering with the idea of printing my own using a 3d printer i printed one regardless, imo i dont feel any difference compared to the OEM knob, nor the alu ball knob i had for years thats just slightly heavier than the oem knob, and i only have...
  5. Trunk Closes too hard

    General Discussion
    well picture of the spoiler might help to identify oem or not... but if its a OEM style spoiler on a coupe that did not came with a spoiler from the factory, i would think the struts off ones that had spoilers from factory would help(GT model?)
  6. Open Loop & Close Loop

    Pretty sure Closed Loop is when/before engine reaches operating temp(usually 70c Coolant temp), and the ECU operates with one set of fuel table where it mainly ignores O2(as the engine will tend to run rich to help the engine warms up) and Open Loop is when the engine reaches operating temp, and...
  7. Harness question

    Amateur Motorsports
    looks to have too much buckles for my peace of mind... fyi i have been using a old Sabelt 4 point harness, it does have a eye bolt latch/lock for the front 2 points, i took the child seat top anchor off the rear shelf and bolt them onto the rear mounting bolt of the driver seat, while the back...
  8. Tell us what your suspension/chassis set up is and what you race in.

    Amateur Motorsports
    1. Car: 2010 2.0T Base MT 2. Type of racing: Road Course 3. whp/wtq: whatever 18psi with CMD got me(never dynoed... would be lucky to have 220 on the wheel really...) 4. Wheels & sizes: 4x stock rears 18x8 5. Tires & cold psi: Sumitomo HTR ZIII F: 245/40/18 R: 245/45/18 42psi 6. Alignment...
  9. What did you do to your Genesis Coupe today?

    General Discussion
    dont have the part number handy, but its not the Friction modified one
  10. What did you do to your Genesis Coupe today?

    General Discussion
    Installed Bilstein PSS B14 coilovers, equus front brakes, with ebc yellow all around, stoptech SS brake lines Changed all the fluids except coolant, didn't have time today, will do it in 2 weeks along with alignment before track day Also using ac delco synchromesh mtf this time, so far so...
  11. 2010 2.0T consistently goes into limp mode around 11 psi

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    well i guess it can as long as the injectors are stock, and you are not hitting boost, cause the difference in boost mapping would throw the car in constant limp mode right?
  12. Thinking About Buying!!

    General Discussion
    unless you live by the mountains, or a track, that will make weekly visits, if so, think of all the fun you can have bouncing the limiter with the twins on the track, and the twisty mountain roads... otherwise the Genesis is a way better all rounder(looks(very biased), power, comfort, etc) only...
  13. 2010 2.0T consistently goes into limp mode around 11 psi

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    how can a stock tune runs a Tomei turbo?
  14. Dash integration tablet

    Interior 2008-2012
    arg... wish there were more android indash back then when i was putting my carpc together... now tinkering with a raspberry pi 3, and hope to use it to replace the carpc
  15. Need help with new modified Genesis (keeps stopping).

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    if it was a battery issue, the car wouldnt shut off while driving(unless there was a high electric load that over comes the alternator), and if the alternator is bad, battery light should be lite on the dash, and the car wont starts and drive after you let it sits for 10 minutes... its going to...
  16. Turbo install question (oil change?)

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    just do the oil change before, or together with the turbo swap, you would want new oil for your new turbo right?
  17. What did you do to your Genesis Coupe today?

    General Discussion
    picked these up and going to be installed later in the month after i pick up new strut mounts
  18. What is this?

    General Discussion
    does not look oem at all
  19. my intro: '12 3.8 R-spec on PBM

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    havent spend time on reading through the thread yet, but one quick question, how are you liking the buddy club seats? i'm thinking them as a possible upgrade in the future, but been reading mix reviews on it
  20. Dash integration tablet

    Interior 2008-2012
    stream 8 runs windows 8 right? i tried tinkering with the idea of running a stream 7 in my car to replace the bulky car pc setup i have in there now, i couldnt figure out a good solution on auto screen on/off with car on/off, and the battery life is pretty crap compared to android tabs(my 7...
1-20 of 300 Results