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  1. For Sale: Brembo Calipers, rotors,and pads

    Wheels & Tires
    Rotors are sold...still have calipers, brakelines and brake pads. The 1200 was for all parts total. I'm lowering the price of the calipers from $900 to $700. Make me an offer on these parts!
  2. For Sale: Brembo Calipers, rotors,and pads

    Wheels & Tires
    The sticker on package below the Hy-1550sm it says 2010-2013 Genesis ALL. I wouldn't worry about fitment it's for all gens. Some parts are interchangeable to all years. I have a 2015 and was going to put them on mine. I'm sure you're aware. I can take a pic and show you if you'd like?
  3. The big good-bye!!!!!

    General Discussion
    I found out today that they didn't catch the guy but they recovered the vehicle he was in. It was registered to a lady and there is valid insurance. Officer called me today and gave me the info. So I'm hoping to recover some $. We will see how this goes. I don't like dealing with insurance...
  4. The big good-bye!!!!!

    General Discussion
    RedGen13 my car is in a tow yard right now so I can't take anything off it they said. If i can I will.
  5. The big good-bye!!!!!

    General Discussion
    The big good-bye!!!!! Pic of totaled car! Whats up. I got into a bad car accident today and totaled my Gen. Some Asshole ran a red light nailed me on the passenger front side and then took off onto the freeway to try and run. My first hit and run today. Multiple people took off after him and...
  6. For Sale: Brembo Calipers, rotors,and pads

    Wheels & Tires
    Hello. My name is Kevin I live in Orange County California. City of Dana Point. E-mail is [email protected] Cell is 949-500-0224. Feel free to contact me. I have Candy Blue powder coated Brembo Calipers for sale. They are Used. About 5k miles. I will ship at buyers expense. Or you can...
  7. For Sale: Brembo Calipers Powder Coated Candy blue.

    Hello. I have a set of Brembo Calipers that are powder coated candy blue. I bought them used off a 2014 on this(Gen Coupe) website, but never installed. When I bought them previous owner said about 7500 miles on them. By the way brand new seals, and boots for all calipers. I am missing 4 pistons...
  8. CNT Header, Down Pipe, Test Pipe?

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2008-2012
    sorry bro I sold those months ago...
  9. In regards to upgrading exhaust

    General Discussion
    You shouldn't scape any longer they fixed that issue with the Grip Version 2. Truly depends on how low you go.
  10. In regards to upgrading exhaust

    General Discussion
    I know man I was so bummed. I think it just didn't match up right, we tried different gaskets, different H pipes still have exhaust leak. I was like WTF i just spent 1500 and you can't fix this leak? Then give me a new exhaust that doesn't leak?!?! So they finally tried straight pipes and it was...
  11. Left a deposit but having second thoughts.

    General Discussion
    Wait wait wait! Wasn't there an open recall with the differential bolts breaking/shearing/loosening? I do believe there was one... I'd have a field day with this one if the recall applied to my car and they tried to tell me excessive speed/abuse, along with a one time chance to fix it. I'd rip...
  12. In regards to upgrading exhaust

    General Discussion
    Except for some fitment issues. I had the H pipe loved the sound, but i had an exhaust leak that annoyed me from the H pipe. Switched to the straight test pipes and fitment was much better. Went to Ark myself to try and see what problem was. They tried multiple H pipes...same problem. Just sayin'.
  13. My 14' 2.0T on 20's

    Yep. I'm thinking one of the best Gen's I've ever seen. So clean so fresh! I did like the pics without the bags better though. That's just me.
  14. Explain tuning to an idiot

    General Discussion
    Yeah! Thanks COBB and all you other tuning companies that won't help us for nothing! Sorry just piling on.
  15. Thinking about trading up, opinions?

    General Discussion
    You're going to love the upgrade in power. Among other things. daytime running lights, blinking turn signals. Small stuff but it adds up. Another reason to do it is like you said you have a bunch of mods you can switch over and save money that way. Sounds like you have way over 3000 (im...
  16. '12 R-Spec LS swap

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
    If you don't mind me asking. How much did you spend for this project?
  17. Hey Everyone I'm new to this. need help with car

    New Member Section
    ^^^ That would be great
  18. Whats the next mod, 2015 3.8

    General Discussion
    I'm just throwing my 2 cents in here. I had almost the exact set up as you. I had a few more mods. I had full bolt ons. injen intake, Ark Headers, ark downpipes, ark straight pipes, and ark gripv2 catback. Also did light weight pulleys, ported throttle body and ported intake manifold. I also...
  19. Cel with btrcc

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    Your quote is kind of confusing. You say you have an Ark header back exhaust. But you just ordered the Ark headers. I'm guessing you don't have them installed yet? Did you mean you have an Ark cat back, and are going to get headers installed? If you have a tune already with the o2 sensor...
  20. 3 chrome wraps in 1 year

    Exterior 2013 and up
    Wow that is awesome! I like the holographic black chrome disco ball one. it would be a party in the car. Stoners would love it... Whoa bro look at all the colors! 2500.00 for this? where are you located? Is the Holographic black chrome street legal?
1-20 of 237 Results