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  1. AEM 30-4406 Bost Pressure Gauge not showing pressure

    Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    Yeah I kinda miss the forums, but have been preoccupied with other parts of my life & with diminished funds recently just haven't done anything to my car worth sharing. This is still a car forum LOL. I'm going to check the lines one last time (I'm OCD) just to make sure & if they look good it...
  2. AEM 30-4406 Bost Pressure Gauge not showing pressure

    Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    The source is the one we discovered to work best 10 years ago right off of the split T we created from the line at the intake manifold with the green/white in-line valve and has not been changed in the past decade, it just stopped showing boost negative or positive.....nothing. I'm sure there is...
  3. AEM 30-4406 Bost Pressure Gauge not showing pressure

    Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    First of all I know to read threads prior to starting a new one so Don't Flame. I did look through this thread & even did an advanced search to no avail. Seems most of the posts in the thread are not related. I'm somewhat limited on time, so have decided to to start a new thread to ask my...
  4. WTB AEM intake for 2010 2.0t - Vendors offers open too

    I need to purchase an AEM intake for my 2010 2.0t and this goes out to all members and vendors whose offers are welcome too....I don't need the overflow bottle though. I installed my Buschur Racing FMIC this weekend and it along with the Mishimito radiator I have installed don't leave much...
  5. Optima Battery

    Electrical & Wiring 2008-2012
    I wasted a $147 on Braille battery - substitute I wasted a $147 on Braille battery that was too small based on the misleading way they describe their amps and found if the car sat more than a couple of days esp in the cold would not start without a jump so I substituted a BigCrank 400cca...
  6. Parts Shop Max Coilovers - Writeup/ DIY / Review *lots of pics*

    Suspension 2008-2012
    Ordering the Pro Series of these just as soon as I sell my 450R.
  7. OEM Hyundai VS Auto 7 oil filters......

    If that filter is on your car and you have issue it would be near impossible for tech to determine it is not an OEM filter which in reality it is. Remember Hyundai does not make all their parts in house as alot are outsourced through other vendors and stamped with their name just as most auto...
  8. FS: DW 550CC Injectors Ver 2.

    Hey, if still have these I'm need them cash in hand $200 shipped to 31909. Will be using the on 2010 2.0t with BR shielf tune to hold me over. Thanks OR will trade flow tested EVO X 660cc injectors
  9. Tufast's Build Thread

    GenCoupe Build / Projects
  10. 2013 Genesis Coupe vs the competition - Comparison thread

    General Discussion
    I've read several posts that the GenCoupe does not hold its value well though residual value charts show it and the sedan do very well. My brother bought his 2010 3.8 Track for $31k kept it 5yrs with no mods and sold it for $17k which is a over 50% residual value after 5yrs, not bad.
  11. no more turbo 4?

    General Discussion
    Damn, I thought my '10 2.0 R-Spec was the rarest :frown:
  12. Hyundai’s New 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine Specs Leaked

    Forum Announcements
    I hope the heresay that I got is BS I really don't want to see the coupe go ANYWHERE! But a 4 door counterpart would be sweet. Would also bring us closer to a full high end line up with the Equus, Genesis sedan, Genesis Coupe, Smaller Coupe platform sedan and the Veracruz replacement - the...
  13. Hyundai’s New 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine Specs Leaked

    Forum Announcements
    Hmmmm all this speculation I hope this 3.3tt engine & the 5.0 both make it into the GenCoupe as they each will have a different direction and offering. With that said sa rumors and such you never can know for sure what is going to happen til it nearly does. I do work for Hyundai and have for...
  14. 2016 Ford Focus RS Makes 345 HP

    AutoGuide.Com News
    This car is SICK!!! I've read up on it this 1st available to the US Focus RS and it will definitely be the hot-hatch to beat. With its power to weight ratio and Ford's now proven Eco-Boost engines I doubt that the STI will even be able to take it. Not to mention a lot of other sports cars that...
  15. Delete/Forget about MAP Heatshield Thread

    Mods forget about posting & Delete/Forget about MAP Heatshield Thread as it has already sold on eBay. Thanks
  16. MAPerformance Interested in PNP our Intake Manifolds

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    As you can see from the pic above I have the ceramic coating already but also have an Beyond Redline thermal gasket for my intake sitting in a box wondering the same thing. However with my ceramic coated exhaust manifold I od have the 2x thick Grimmspeed gasket installed.
  17. MAPerformance Interested in PNP our Intake Manifolds

    3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    This is definitely worth it. That is a good price point for the quality they offer. They did my 2.0t intake & exhaust manifolds along with the hot side of my turbo then ceramic coated each piece. Now the car not only breathes better but sounds much deeper & throatier like a larger engine car...
  18. 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 T Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield

    $47.95 plus shipping These are original pictures I already had in Photobucket and I will try to post recent ones soon, but they are on eBay at tufast69 as I have it listed there as well for same price. Modern Automotive Performance 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 T Ceramic Coated...
  19. PowerAxel closest tuner to Ga 31909

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    No replies so I'm going to get [email protected] to get me close with a shelf tune for my PowerX for now, just can't use the Evo injectors for now.
  20. Beyond Redline Presents: Genesis Coupe Q & A....ask anything!

    2.0T Discussion 2008-2012
    Tim, it wasn't the frickin clutch but sure as hell sounded like it. It was the MAP exhaust manifold heat shield which broke a bolt off in the manifold and was causing a rattle similar to the clutch but only at certain rpms so I just removed the manifold heat shield since the exhaust manifold is...
1-20 of 451 Results