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  1. Electrical & Wiring 2013 and up
    Hi All, I have a 2014 3.8GT and recently noticed that my fog lamps or my DRL strip isn't lighting up as it should be. If I recall correctly, the DRL strips should light up during the day when in the auto position. They currently don't light up no matter what setting. On top of this, at night...
  2. 3.8 V6 Discussion 2013 and up
    Just bought a 2013 r-spec and after putting 500 miles on it I started to hear it making some clanking under the hood so I started on my way to a shop to get it looked at and it seized on the way, no holes in the block or anything just locked up. So I'm here to ask is it worth having some one...
  3. Ontario
    This is heart-breaking for me. While parked at Mount Pleasant Go Station, my car got broken into. Still rattled. I spend hours every day wrapping and modding my car just to have this happen to it.
  4. 2.0T Discussion 2013 and up
    i have the 2013 hundai genesis coupe 2.0t automatic transmition and i put premium gas in it and i heard it gets around 20 m/g in city and 30 in highway. The average mpg screen indicates that i get around 13.8 average and i have been driving for around 3 weeks. Does anyone else have this problem...
  5. New Member Section
    I have to put up a couple of more posts before i can put up pictures
  6. General Discussion
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it but if there is a certain place im supposed to post these types of questions then could someone direct me? Anyways on to my question. Today, on quite a rainy day after the rain had stopped i crashed my genesis coupe into the side of the curb...
  7. Exterior 2008-2012
    So as the title says, the plastic bezels or whatever they are called surrounding the fog lights seems to be messing up. There is a noticeable gap and when I push it back in, it pops back out. To my knowledge-- I haven't damaged it or hit anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this...
  8. Exterior 2008-2012
    I have the Canadian stock spoiler on a 2010 Gen. It came loose today and was leaning backwards. Three of the 4 nuts were completely off the thread and the 4th nut was half way unscrewed. It was dealer installed and I'm going in tomorrow to ask wtf?! Has anyone had this issue before with this or...
  9. Exterior 2008-2012
    I was on the way to DROP OFF MY CAR TO GET FIXED. A rock flew up and left this. When I get my car back from Hyundai the insurance company has to look at it and fix or replace it. By then something else will have broken anyway, I should just start burning my money.
  10. General Discussion
    Well I haven't posted anything yet but I guess I might as well tell the experience. Long story short I hit the driver side directly at the rear wheel, got the quarter panel, bumper, smashed the knuckle, a chunk of my rotor shot out, brake caliper broke, and replacing suspension on that side just...
1-10 of 10 Results